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Ultimate Spider-Man

How do you beat the Beetle in the Venom level?

Games Guru: There are two stages of Beetle here. You start by whipping at him. Be careful of his glowing, which can injure you. Whip at him again when he comes at you with blades. When he starts throwing smoke grenades, don’t let him hover in the corners. He’ll blast you with laser waves. When he stops with the grenades, whip from farther away to avoid the trap door. Keep hitting him when he comes at you with his blades. Hit him enough and you win!

How do I get the Spidey wrestling costume? I already have 30 tokens and city events.

Games Guru: I have not played this game, but I looked into this request and earning 30 tokens and winning 30 events should indeed get you your costume.

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25 Comments on Ultimate Spider-Man

  1. how you kill beetle with venom ? please tell me with other monsters there are!

  2. i know if you are velom then you must start feeding a little boy then i grab the baloon with the punch button

  3. legoman you can defeat electro 2nd form by hitting cars on him en then is his power gone then hit him.

  4. Pro Gamer, if you mean for the GBA version, there is a white line under his health bar. Drain that, then hurry up and feed on him. Repeat as necessary. If you are referring to any other systems, then I don’t know.

  5. i beat Electro by running around with a mail box ( or the jeep) and smacking him, then picking it up whhile trying not to get blasted with his electricity.

  6. i beat electro by running around with a mailbox thing smacking him with it and picking it up and smacking him again while trying not to get hurt.

  7. how do you beat carnage

  8. how do you get different suits?????

  9. spider man rules // August 27, 2008 at 3:43 pm // Reply

    on psp for spiderman friend or foe you can be electro and carnage

  10. you can be carnage on some systems symbiote rules.


  12. how do you get cotumes in the xbox version?

  13. how do you beat green goblin(in other words the big ogreish guy)?

  14. if you do ever thing you can the black suit

  15. i beat the games its fun playing it

  16. to INMATE77 i feel your concern its hard you have to really keep up with him if you cut corners when you web swing or find shortcuts you might be able to keep up

    P.S. try to hit him when he stops

    P.S.S. dont try to hit him while he’s flaming

  17. i beat the game it was a great game!!!!!!!!!

  18. I lost this game a few years ago and I was on the last level. 😦

  19. symbiote rules // January 1, 2008 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    people on freind or foe that you can be (not this game of of course) spider-man,black suited spider-man,new goblin,green goblin,rhino,sandman,docter octopus,black cat,prowler,venom,blade,lizard-man,and iron fist.if you know of any more people we can be on freind or foe please list them soon

    ps.i beat the game in two or three days sister always wants to be black cat brother wold brather do nothing

    pssss. i think the only hard bosses are mysterreo and rhino

    psssss .this game is fun. sorry for posting so much and good bye.

  20. symbiote rules // January 1, 2008 at 4:37 pm // Reply

    i have not playded this game but i played spider-man freind or foe for playstation and i beat it so i have symbiote and i can be black spider-man or red spider-man on every level


  22. Is there any code to get the symbiote costume

  23. how do you beat the guy that looks like a oger and throws fire balls at you



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