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Meet the Robinsons

I’m on the basement level, and I can’t get by the robot at the desk that flips over. The robots keep coming and coming. What can I do?

Games Guru: I don’t know exactly where you are, and there are a lot of robots in that level. Did you disassemble the power box cover and shoot the charge glove at it? That’s the first thing you need to do. If you need more help, you need to tell me more about what happened just before you got stuck and where you are in the level.

Comments about “Meet the Robinsons”

  1. coolguy says:

    How do you get havoc gloves?

  2. da awsome one says:

    IF any one kows how to get bod reveser and time stopper tell me

    ps the internet gave me no help

  3. da awsome one says:

    I have ds vesion so no awsers on questions regarding other sytems

  4. da awsome one says:

    if any one needs help I have evrey thing but the time stoper and bod. reverser fully upgraded andd all bosses beat

  5. bubbu says:

    I payed the game and it’s cool

  6. da awsome one says:

    how do you get time stoper and bodie reverser

  7. batman says:

    I am stuck on the first level.I cannot get past the qwiksand

  8. me says:

    me and my dad keep compleeting the game over and over again until my playstation started overheating very quickly so i can only play it for short periods of time

  9. Alix says:

    I love it how you go into the future.

  10. Frobner says:

    I’m stuck in the basement right after going around the time machine dome and i don’t know how to get past the lazers.

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