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Fossil Fighters: Champions

How do you unlock the other vivosaurs? Like Duna, Frigi, Igno, Dynal, Squith, etc.?

Games Guru: Here’s a fine Wiki which will help you to unlock every dinosaur!

Where is Pauleen & Todd after you beat the game?

Games Guru: Hmm. Did you get to the point where Todd returns? He’s inside the pyramid and is brainwashed and attacks you. At the very end, Pauleen and Todd are back where they started, looking out over the scenery.

Comments about “Fossil Fighters: Champions”

  1. bioman83 says:

    did you know nintendo is making a third fossil fighters its called fossil fighters:frontier.
    its on nintendos website.

  2. funkyguy says:

    I beat the game I used teffela,hercles and bricho (super evoled
    ) and I won to zongazonga by 4 lp uiltimite team

  3. Moped says:

    WERE DO YIOU FIND miracle fossile rocks

  4. flooper says:

    how do you defeat ZongaZonga in both joe and his vivosaur body?

  5. Anonymous says:

    on this game I have 5 super evolvers. (T-Rex Lord, Heracles, Teffla, Giga Raja, and

  6. person says:

    I had the game but i lost it on a airplane ride. At the same time i lost the original one i had. Both are great. I even had zongazonga on the second one, and in the first I Had EVERY SINGLE VIVOSAUR!

  7. Killer C says:

    So there is a new one out already… THEN SIGN ME UP!!!!!

  8. TacoDudeFan007 says:

    Um…. Question, Is there any CHEATS?

  9. janga says:

    It is awsom!

  10. legoman4482 says:

    i can’t beat rupert in the final how do i beat him?

  11. zoid33 says:


  12. lavasamurai says:

    yes, i know because i have it, and the original.

  13. super mrio galaxy master says:


  14. sva MASTER says:

    is this any different from the original?

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