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Lego Pirates of The Caribbean

On the main menu, can you buy Davy Jones with studs or do you have to unlock him?

Games Guru: Just walk up to him in the game and hit him a few times. When he tries to walk away, you can buy him.

Games Guru, I need codes. Can you get any for PC and Mac?

Games Guru: Here you go.

– Ammand the Corsair: ew8t6t
– Angelica (disguised): dlrr45
– Angry Cannibal: vgf32
– Blackbeard: d3dw0d
– Clanker: zm37gt
– Clubba: 644thf
– Davy Jones: 4djlkr
– Governor Weatherby Swann: ld9454
– Gunner: y611wb
– Hungry Cannibal: 64bnhg

Comments about “Lego Pirates of The Caribbean”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What code do you use to get Jack Sparrow?

  2. deaco baco neaco says:

    Davy Jones is a computer generated person who is a a devil and ruler of the seas and also a ruler of the ocean depths and Lord of Davy Jones’ Locker

  3. challenger says:

    is there a secret level. if so where.

  4. the BOSS says:

    a good game

  5. Epic Face says:

    Need codes for Wii!!!!!!!!!(PLEASE)

  6. jaboettger says:

    how do you defeat thecreaken on the wii

  7. hi says:

    i need help with shipwreck cove

  8. cool guy says:

    How Can You Get To 500,000 by 75,000 real quick?


    thanks for the codes, here’s one for those who need that last character : VDJSPW

  10. mustard madness says:

    It was awesome, but it was very easy to get 100%

  11. Hunt says:

    How do you get the minikets that are moveing!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Do you have a code for the two blackbeards

  13. sld says:

    l LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. zsxdcfvgbhnj says:

    how do you finish the kraken level

  15. sandman says:

    can somebody send this question to the games guru please cause i don’t have e-mail. in need for speed carbon where do you put codes in what buttons to press and where to put the code thank you if any body does this

  16. Anonymous says:

    in less than a day I past all the levels I have it for PSP

  17. sandman says:

    i will exchange a code for how to type in a code, what buttons to press, and where to put the codes for need for speed.

  18. MVSR says:

    Wow! Thanks Games Guru!

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