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Super Scribblenauts

I can’t get past constellation 6 chapter 11. Can you help me?

Games Guru: Here, Maxwell wants to get into a wedding. But he’s uninvited. Put him in a gown to pass the doorman. Go to the gift table and take one. Call up a bag and get the gift by using the ‘Fill Item’ option. Take the bag to the man you met at the start of stage. Tap the bag and use the ‘Empty Item,’ and the guy will give you a starite.

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  1. Batman Guy says:

    How do you beat the witch in the monster battle? The hints don’t really help.

  2. da awsome one says:

    the docter is right but is not posible to water proof

  3. king dedede says:

    I can’t beat constellation 3 level 2. The object needs to fly and drain blood. I put in a flying vampire, but it didn’t work. Any suggestions?

  4. the doctor says:

    you could just use this whenever you have a level where you have to get to the starite:
    microscopic supersonic flying invincible steel(optional) toy.
    you can control it, and it can go through walls and sometimes under steel doors.

  5. herobrinegeek says:

    actually, herobrine was a glitch in the beta version of minecraft, he was a mirror image of the players skin, and when one person saw him, everyone went bazonkers!

  6. critterdude says:

    you said in 6-11 you do that stuff. or you could put him in a tux, get a bag, and a jet pack and fly out. your choice.

  7. firestorm44 says:

    i figured it out myself with a invisibility cloak and something else…

  8. notch says:

    that is soooo easy

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