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Donkey Kong: King of Swing

Any tips on how to beat King K. Rool at the end?

Games Guru: This is a very hard game, so congrats on getting this far. During the climbing race, just go bananas and keep moving. Don’t stay in one place or he’ll get you. The same goes for the attack battle, the second part of the fight. Just keep going and don’t pause. Keep charging and keep releasing. After a while, you’ll jump him and get him. Keep trying and don’t worry about getting a draw or two. It happened to me.

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  1. Ordep says:

    I beat the whole game many times. Ask me anything.
    P.S. I really like the Jungle Jam single player minigames. My favorites are
    the obstacle course races and the attack battles.

  2. Aid says:

    I like Dk.

  3. beash says:

    how can you play

  4. CRESS348 says:


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