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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

How do I beat Ansem?

Games Guru: Don’t try until you reach at least Level 40. Be calm and collected and watch for patterns. Use the Counter Aura. Avoid and dodge the lasers and black balls. You can block the black balls, but they cause a little damage. So you might want to have a couple of curagas with you.

I’m stuck fighting Holey Moley in the Three Musketeers world, and I keep dying. I don’t know if it’s because my character is on a low level or it’s my dream eaters. Do you have any tips? Help, please.

Games Guru: Are you using Riku? You really need a lot of health and power. Check out this video:

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  1. famousD3 says:

    i cant beat the drop in the Three Musketeers game gru HELP!!

  2. mr cool says:

    help cant beat pinochio world when you go on the trampoline
    tell me how!

  3. llol says:

    after final world boss u cant play as one of the charachters =(

  4. shadow says:

    I’m stuck on the bosses for The World That Never Was. How do I beat them?????

  5. epivguyfhfnxu says:

    yeah he is! im on young xehanort battle and i forgot how to use reality shift is it circle pad plus y am i right?

  6. Trev s says:

    try level 99 (Sora and Riku) i completed the game

  7. Kingdom hearts Lea says:

    Once you beat this game, you can fight any boss again and again. Once you have a increadably high leval, try visiting Traverse town. If you go to the water foutain that is shaped like a heart, you will fight an amazingly powerful boss. He can destroy me in 3 hits!

    • Sandwiches and Crackers says:

      The boss your are talking about is called Julius, and yes he is shockingly powerful. If you just beat the game and are going to challenge him, be very careful, cuz he pummels you with great range, high power, and your attacks won’t do much anything to him. Merry Battling!

      • kingdom hearts king says:

        what do you mean attacks won’t do much? I beat julius with riku. If you fight him though, make sure you have once more or second chance. You also need to be at level 65-70. I was level 67. To get that high, get EXP boost from a skelterwield, or tyranto rex, or a cerra terror. I forget which. Also get dark firaga, balloonga, 2curagas, 3curas, 2cures, fira, and firaga. Then use those and counter attacks to beat him.

  8. gooman says:

    im on young xehanort battle

  9. hotsonicfan1234 says:

    i play this game on my 3DS but it is so hard im stuck on the 1st land but i love the little helpers but i rlly love “meow meow” he is so cute!!! ^-^

  10. Josh says:

    It is the best!

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