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Mega Man 7

How do you beat Freeze Man!!!!!???

Games Guru: Have no fear. Check out the detailed strategy at this site to beat this oldie but goodie:’s_Stage

Comments about “Mega Man 7”

  1. omega123 says:

    somebody make a top ten mega man game list.

  2. michaelangelo says:

    is this calassic

  3. mariofan in games that rock/new xbox says:

    new xbox its coming out november 8th and also the top 5 games are mario,zelda,sonic,kirby and call of duty mega man is not the best so go for one of those

  4. mega man says:

    have anyone played megaman 3

  5. jelly4me says:

    is this a good game?

  6. sethyboyman says:

    I don’t have it but I could see the review!

  7. boyslife says:

    ive never stoped playing

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