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Major League Baseball 2K12

Are there any codes?

Games Guru: Sorry, there are no codes for this game. The series was canceled so the only baseball game right now is Sony’s The Show.

Comments about “Major League Baseball 2K12”

  1. Dubbs says:

    Games Guru, the series was not cancelled. In fact, MLB 2k13 came out about a week ago

  2. baseball says:

    bad graphics

  3. Cutler says:

    this is fun!!!!!

  4. Sluggerkid says:

    Wish I had it.

  5. zy says:

    i love that game very bad cause we move somewhere that i can’t even be able to play

  6. Bj says:

    It is the best game I have ever played.

  7. baseball says:

    Looks Cool!

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