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Kirby: Squeak Squad

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  1. Keyman4 says:

    Fighter is the best Kirby form ever besides Sword and Tornado

  2. meta knight says:

    To FunnyToade. My favorite item is FIREsword kirby!

  3. Kirbymall says:

    I have beaten the level bossnumber3 how do I Beat him with fire Kirby?

  4. Anonymous says:

    i am stuck on the world three boss.doc as dark nebula.tornado kirby is the best one.

  5. D says:

    FunnyToade, Bomb Kirby ROCKS!

  6. Black Mr.Z says:

    Wow, I own this game and it is amazing! I love the Black Kirby, and I always use him

    P.S. I’m not sure if I’m correct about name, but it’s all black kirby

  7. Cacklettaconquerer says:

    Finally! The color survey is over so now I can change my name back to Cacklettaconquerere! To FunnyToade, I lik e Ice Kirby, but how do I get wind kirby? To Aus, to beat Mecha-Kracko, DO NOT USE FIRE! It’ll destroy your platform!

  8. aus says:

    How do you get past the boss in the third world?

  9. awsome man says:

    skater girl i know where the last chest is

  10. luigifreak says:

    yeah this game was easy. you guys want a challenging kirby game? go to kirby 64 the crystel shards. now thats a hardish game.

    oh yah… i like wheel kirby

  11. FunnyToade says:




    Sword Kirby, Fire Kirby, Ice Kirby, Wind Kirby, Bomb Kirby, or Wheel Kirby?

    Respond to FunnyToade!

    Please ONE item only!

    • Carbison says:

      Even though it isn’t on there I would say Copy is my fav ability. But only because in Kirby 64 if you combine two Copy abilities you get a totally sweet Darth-Maul-style dual-bladed lightsaber.

  12. FunnyToade says:


    Your Favorite Kirby Color was, a three way tie between:

    Red, Pink, and Orange!

    The second place winner was, a three way tie between:

    Green, Blue, and Carbon!

    Thanks for all your votes! I’ll try to have a new contest up tomorrow!

    Remember you have the choice and the voice!

    If you have any Ideas post them to me, I may just use them ( with your credit)!

    Yours, FunnyToade!

  13. SkaterGirl says:

    I only need 1 more chest to find in lvl ex world 6, i think it might be in the ice/water part but im not sure. Please write back. Thanks

  14. Cacklettaconquerex says:

    Why do you want us to change the last letter in our names to an X?

  15. GameQube says:

    Hey Hey Hey II’m back! so funnytoade It’s funny you should say orange that is my absolute favorite color,I may change my name to Gamesquare, just a though.

  16. Kirby King11 says:

    To FunnyToade I Like Plain Old Pink Kirby P.S. Im Lucariex On The Pkmn Diamond Boards

  17. Team Foohy says:

    the only squeak that’s a boss is really weak against cutter kirby!

  18. FunnyToade says:




    Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Carbon.

    Respond to FunnyToade.

    Please NO “Well I like this one but..” or ” I like (ex.) red and (ex.) blue!” Please one color only!

  19. Cacklettaconquerer says:

    Hello. I’m back from camping and I just want to say that I’m the Ultimatepokemonmaster kid, but I don’t think I should be called Ultimatepokemonmaster since I don’t have all the battle frontier symbols so I changed my name.

  20. kirby says:

    Do you mean the final boss? You need the star rod (to get itbeat all the worlds). Personallyy, I thought he was pretty easy.

  21. coolio says:

    whats the kirby sqeak squad game code for ar

  22. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Where do I get Tornado and Hi-jump in bubbles?

  23. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Thanks. I’ll try that.

  24. king says:

    Hey, Ultimatepokemonmaster, Daroach (The Squeaks’ Leader?) is OWNED by Tornado and High Jump, so that ought to work, Dark Nebula, (Dark Eye) forces you a Triple Star, but have Tornado and High Jump bubble items to pop, because Dark Eye is OWNED by them too.

    PS How does Spark Scroll advance Spark?

    PSS Please answer (unlike comment 19…)

  25. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    What I meant when I said, “Trouble with Daroach: I beat Daroach but lost to his soul! Then I tried to beat Daroach again but I lost! Please help!”, I meant that I lost to his soul and got GAME OVER and had to start with Daroach again but lost. How do I beat Daroach at the end of world 8? That’s what I meant.

  26. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Ok. What is Daroach’s weakness?

  27. CherryKirby says:

    You need to bring an assourtment of items to defeate him first find out his weakness then bring two of those items!

    Please respond if there is confusion.

  28. Ultimatepokemonmaster says:

    Trouble with Daroach: I beat Daroach but lost to his soul! Then I tried to beat Daroach again but I lost! Please help!

  29. LP says:

    I beet the game it is still funn

  30. CherryKirby says:

    You need to have like the super hero kiby to defeat that Cloud Robo Guy.


    or anything that kills clouds!

    But Super Hero Kirby should work the best

  31. king says:

    Hey, how does spark scroll advance the silly old spark combo? And guess what else? If your energy bar is very low,Fighting combo is an INSTANT maximum charge! Cool, huh.

  32. scorpion999 says:

    I got the game as a used game.It had 1 file completely beaten. I can beat every boss except Kracko(cloud robot) and that star sword kirby is link kirby.

  33. kirbylover says:

    this game is awsome!

  34. kingdedede says:

    i have not got every chest but this game is fun

  35. kiowarory says:

    it was to ez

  36. person!!123 says:

    I beat the game in 2 hours even the extra one where you are timed.

    I give the game a 9.

  37. rocker says:

    10 out of 10

  38. Robo says:

    Try mixing sword+fire, sword+ice, sword+spark, bomb+ice, and bomb+spark.

  39. ME says:

    Hey Supersonic, try Nightmare in Dreamland. Extremely easy.

  40. Gamehater5 says:

    I hate every game but this game is AWESOME! I beat it in 1 hour and got every chest and beat every boss. I give this game a 11!

  41. kirby rox says:

    i really want this game im thinking about buying it.

  42. KirbyMaster says:

    I beat this awesome game in one day and I also got every chest you can get

  43. king says:

    i dont think it makes a “5”

  44. Supersonic says:

    This is problebly the easies kirby game ever!!! I beat it in one day!!! Seriously, its my easiest game.:)

  45. shadow metaite says:

    use a ds aciton replay and you are invenble

  46. Blib Blap says:

    I enjoy this game but can be boring going over the same thing again and again. I give it a 7.

  47. KirBMetaniteDDD says:

    This game is fun and challenging!

  48. MetaKnight says:

    Same here

  49. bob says:

    i love this game i unlocked everything and beat the whole game it rules 10/10

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