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Kirby: Squeak Squad

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  1. bkboy says:

    This is a really fun game! Get it if you can.

  2. i and me says:

    is this a good game?

  3. nightmare in dream land says:

    is nightmare in dream land a good game???

  4. Bobomb says:

    Trust me after the arena is the true arena. it is so hard even I cannot beat it even in two player mode.

  5. Bobomb says:

    what are soom mixing abilatys instead of just the bombs and swords?

  6. King of Mario says:

    I beat it & got 100%! :P

  7. 8yearold says:

    in super star ultra how do you beat the arena! HELP!

  8. Super Sonic says:

    Hey! I am a BIG fan of kirby! I’m even in kirby’s rainbow ressort!
    / \
    \ /
    \/ That’s a revive from pokemon! :) Unfortunatly, that’s the only one i know how to make. :( But at least i like kirby!
    Guys, If you’re wondering how to get those kirby 1ups out of those bubbles, you have to combine 3 of them to make a 1up. You drag the bubble and then drag the kirby in the bubble to another kirby in a bubble and do that 3 times and when you get three in one bubble, you get a 1up! no popping neccesary for the 1up! I am a great player at some parts, but at some parts, I’m not. I’m doing a poll on your favorite enemy and your LEAST favorite enemy. My favorite enemy is the Waddle Dee because they’re so cute! My least favorite (or least favorites) are the squeaks. THEY ALWAY GET IN YOU’RE WAY OF GETTING THE BIG TREASURE!!! The poll ends on january 11. P.S.
    If you need any help, just ask me! :)

  9. agentbeta says:

    you are right balumixbiffle, and I’d say that fire or wheel or UFO kirby are the best at all stages except the boss stages.

  10. Bobthegiantduck89 says:

    On Super Star Ultra in “The King’s Revenge”, go into the moon like a door and you start falling from the sky with all these power ups on the way, and when you reach the ground you battle the hammer boss.

  11. BalumixBiffle says:

    It’s best to battle ANY boss with Tornado Kirby.

    Just saying.

  12. sonic x says:

    ghost kirby is one tough mini boss

  13. Giant Piece of Food says:

    If Kirby Sucks up air, does he he turn into Air Kirby?

  14. Ultimate Kirby Master says:

    Have you gotten the one in the secret ice place? You have to freeze the waterfall.

  15. destroyer says:

    I have super smash bros brawl Wii are those his only moves?

  16. Heavy dude says:

    Dear ninja Kirby, you can buy the game at Game stop.

  17. UFO says:

    UFO kirby rocks!! It is the best in the game!

  18. ez come ez go says:

    hey colbybd, that is not true!

  19. ninja kirby says:

    were do you buy the game

  20. heavy dude says:

    Sorry I have been gone.Ii beat the game in 2 hours.

  21. SuperCp says:

    Kirby Super Star Ultra is just a DS remake of Kirby Super Star, so it’s not entirely new.

  22. colbybd says:

    There is going to be a Kirby Wii about King Dedede stealing Kirby’s Warpstar. I can’t wait!

  23. empoleon100 says:

    tornado is the best one to use against bosses but it stinks on all other stages. ghost is awesome!

  24. Mr. Zingy says:

    If you’re having a hard time defeating Meta Kracko at the end of Cushy Clouds, use Cupid and get to the very top of the screen. Unless he’s zapping, Kracko can’t get to you up there.

  25. helper says:

    feal free to ask me as many qustions as possable I will answer them as soon as I get the chance

  26. helper says:

    to:heavy dude when you get the gohst medal you get the gohst boss one in every world. when you beat the boss you get the abilite to posses enamys

  27. Marx Soul Kirby says:

    Tip: It is best to battle dark nebula as tornado.

  28. helper says:

    to kirby to get the last chest when it shows the credits hit the start button

  29. heavydude says:

    dear,aus when you battle him you use tornado.

  30. heavy dude says:

    Dear kopaka_nuva, thanks for the tip feel free to ask me a question.

  31. kopaka_nuva says:

    when you get the ghost medal what happens?

    dear heavy dude, the ghost medal changes cirten mini-boss like (bubble crab in jam jungle 4) fights into ghost mini-boss fights! then suck the boss up and you’ll find a new power up!
    ^ ^

  32. heavy dude says:

    This game rocks soooo sweet

  33. heavy dude says:

    when you get the ghost medal what happens?

  34. blue boy says:

    kirby is a hi-jump hero!

  35. Razberri says:

    Did you know that if you move your stylus around while mixing that you can choose which ability you get? I mean it’s still from a set each time but it works, it’s just a closer chance you get since each color is whith a set of three or four abilities, well except for the first two & the final one.

  36. noman says:

    my frend said that kirby superstar ultra is awesome.Is that true?

  37. Kirby says:

    I like fire-sword, UFO, fire, ice, ice-bomb, and bubble

  38. X419 says:

    Hey Link Kirby!!! What’s up? My favorite combo is the ninja also.

  39. Link Kirby says:

    Hi, i’m new to this board, but i got a Boss Battle Strategy.
    Bubble items-hi-jump, tornado, cutter, max tomato (dedede), and whatever. start as triple star at the end.
    Dedede-ko with triple star; dog/mole thing-ko with triple star; krako-ko with tornado (should work for both times); clawlike guy-ko with tornado (works x5 well!); do this until you reach the squeak leader(2nd); squeak leader(2nd)-ko with tornado and you will be forced triple star. use max tomato if you have low hp, then use hi-jump to ko darkeye.
    PS-what’s your favorite combo? mine’s ninja.

  40. kirbyfan says:

    I agree with chris weres kirby super star ultra?

  41. chris says:

    Ilike this but why is there no kirby super star ultra thats the newest kirby game

  42. Modude to yodude says:

    no not that we found

  43. leonareo says:

    kirby games are fun.

  44. scorpion999 says:

    they should have original bosses like whispy and kracko not that digbot and krackobot

  45. king squeak says:

    try mixing fire\ice\plazma(electric) and sowrd\bomd

  46. luigifreak says:

    Kirbymall : hate to say it, but fire kirby is HORRIBEL for the boss of level three. try tornado or superhero kirby, anyone thats good in the air.

  47. iceman says:

    Beat exter mode to get new mixing abiltes like electric unbrell.

  48. yodude says:

    do they have kirby for ps2

  49. kirby says:

    i cant find the last CHEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. grassruler888 says:

    iv betan it and help my sis beat it.its a piece of the way there is a UFO power in the other sky places.USE FIRE TO FIND IT.

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