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Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

How do you defeat the final form of bellum?

Games Guru: It’s super frustrating. You’ll need the grappling hook, cannon, bow and arrow, phantom sword and the shield. There are about 24 tips to help you vanquish the ugly monster, and here’s a link to them.

I am stuck in the Courage Temple where you must shoot the eye posts with the bow. Please help. I’m desperate!

Games Guru: I don’t know exactly where you are, but try to blast the crack in the wall near the temple of the Ocean King. Walk through and you’ll find an eye on the wall. When you hit if with the arrow, a bridge magically is formed. After walking over, walk up the stairs you see. Aim for the eye opposite those stairs, then shoot the same statues that appeared back when you first entered the Temple of Courage. Another statue will appear. Move is parallel to the part between the temple and the tavern. It will point to a wall. Bomb it and enter the tunnel to lead to the island.

I’m on the first boss battle with Bellum after the spirit you start out with fully gets her memory back. How do you freeze time? Please give as much detail as possible. Thanks.

Games Guru: After many attacks on Bellum, he will release Ciela. At this point, she will present you with the Phantom Sphere. With it, you can tap the hourglass icon. Once you tap it on the touch screen, the eye on Bellum back will open. Now you can draw the Phantom Hourglass to free time.

How do I get out of the Temple Gust?

Games Guru: After you’ve killed the giant worms in the sandy area, head over to the trio of windmills you marked on your map. Blow into the DS microphone to begin moving them. The air jets guarding the exit will stop and you can leave.

How do you defeat Bellum?

Games Guru: Use your grapple to remove the clouds surrounding Bellum, then bring him to you with the grapple and attack his eyes. When he runs, go up the stairs after him, firing arrows.

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  1. I will be watching the comments.I know all the secrets about the game. I have beaten it 3 times over. Just post a question and I will answer them as soon as I can.

  2. to: C J F C H go to the tail then the spout and then the very bottom and then the eye!

  3. Ask me any question about this game because I have beaten it.

  4. C J F C H the islands saped like a wale giving off water . Does that help any.

  5. I’ve beat every thing up to the sacred metals part so you can ask me questions up to that.


  7. thanks, anonymous

  8. dude322,its under a tree in the middle of molina island

  9. drewy96,you dont find the sacred crest,its a big triangle with another triangle in it,you know,its a symbol in other zelda games

  10. c j f c h,you have to make a map of the island,it will look like a whale spraying stuff,that should help you with the riddle.

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