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Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

How do you defeat the final form of bellum?

Games Guru: It’s super frustrating. You’ll need the grappling hook, cannon, bow and arrow, phantom sword and the shield. There are about 24 tips to help you vanquish the ugly monster, and here’s a link to them.

I am stuck in the Courage Temple where you must shoot the eye posts with the bow. Please help. I’m desperate!

Games Guru: I don’t know exactly where you are, but try to blast the crack in the wall near the temple of the Ocean King. Walk through and you’ll find an eye on the wall. When you hit if with the arrow, a bridge magically is formed. After walking over, walk up the stairs you see. Aim for the eye opposite those stairs, then shoot the same statues that appeared back when you first entered the Temple of Courage. Another statue will appear. Move is parallel to the part between the temple and the tavern. It will point to a wall. Bomb it and enter the tunnel to lead to the island.

I’m on the first boss battle with Bellum after the spirit you start out with fully gets her memory back. How do you freeze time? Please give as much detail as possible. Thanks.

Games Guru: After many attacks on Bellum, he will release Ciela. At this point, she will present you with the Phantom Sphere. With it, you can tap the hourglass icon. Once you tap it on the touch screen, the eye on Bellum back will open. Now you can draw the Phantom Hourglass to free time.

How do I get out of the Temple Gust?

Games Guru: After you’ve killed the giant worms in the sandy area, head over to the trio of windmills you marked on your map. Blow into the DS microphone to begin moving them. The air jets guarding the exit will stop and you can leave.

How do you defeat Bellum?

Games Guru: Use your grapple to remove the clouds surrounding Bellum, then bring him to you with the grapple and attack his eyes. When he runs, go up the stairs after him, firing arrows.

Comments about “Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass”

  1. bobbo I need help says:


  2. the essence of the triforce says:

    to linkzelda222:
    go to the south-easternmost part of the island, and go left 7 paces and up 13. then, dig and fall down the hole. then, make your way through the cave. you can then hit a switch that lets you get to the graves of the sages.

  3. linkzelda222 says:

    how do you get to the six sages in the isle of dead

  4. the essence of the triforce says:

    to Zeldamaster:
    what the heck are you talking about?!

  5. t says:

    how do I defeat johlene for the fist time?

  6. Zeldamaster says:

    i’m stuck tring to figer out the third gost ship clue help?

  7. Anonymous says:

    the thrid gost ship clue i’m stuck

  8. bat bot says:

    This is to any one that needs it. in the temple of the ocean king on the 6 floor the red door draw an hour glass. but draw it top left top right bottom left bottom right. hope this helps with futer progres.

  9. Ultimate Zelda Master says:

    Once you get rid of Gleeok’s armor he sticks his tongue out. To beat that you must grapple his tongue to the post in front of him. Then slash at him.

    I beat the game 5 times. Ask me almost anything.

  10. Hylieo says:

    Hey, I’m playing Phantom Hourglass for the first time. And I’m in the Ocean King’s Temple. Even though I hit both switches, the gate still won’t open! What do I do?

  11. Webster says:

    To Swampert i would thank you if you can help me with the 4 swiches on the 3ed floor in the ice temple on the isle of frost in the south wester sea.

  12. swampert says:

    i never get thanked for tips… (sigh) :(

  13. toast says:

    i beat the game 23 times

  14. Webster says:

    How do you get pass the 4 swiches on the the floor 3 in the ice temple on the isle of ice. I need all the help I can get! Anyone plez help!!!!!!!

  15. bob976543er says:

    how do you get past the red door on the sixth floor of the ocean king’s temple?

  16. the essence of the triforce says:

    to Alex,
    the bow is in the temple of winds. frankly, this is one of the easier zelda games except for the stupic ocean king temple.

  17. b-dog says:

    to link

    How do u get the last sea chart?
    How do u get the last pure metal?

  18. b-dog says:

    how do u get the 4th sea chart, is it the same as getting the 3rd?

  19. swampert says:

    to fett to defeat gleeok use your grapple and draw a diagonal line between top right pole and the bottom left pole for the right head and revese for the left head… if u r talking about the big golem dude then just jump (using the hammer while standing on the spingboards) and while flying through the air hit the red spots with the hammer. hope this helps! trust me ive betean the game about 20 times already

  20. pokeguy64 says:

    To link,to catch the rat,block one door with the block,and stay there.when the rat comes,kill it and take the key!

  21. Alex says:

    To . ture zelda . Ware do you get the bow ?

  22. link says:

    help. how do i catch the rat that has the key to the gate?

  23. True Zelda says:

    Ask me stuff, I’ve beat the whole entire game fair and square(no cheats or anything).

  24. hearts72 says:

    i so cant find a way to the north eastern sea chart and the other island to get the last pure meatl. please any one help.

  25. pinkpearlmica says:

    how do u get past the part with the evil girl @ the ghostship and shes in a barrel.

  26. pinkpearlmica says:

    you have to go to the very back and blow in the mic and make it spin but you have to choose carefully because there a lot of windmills and evil worms.

  27. Pedro says:

    I’m on the Isle of Gust-at the temple’s entrance- but how do I get past the air jets?

  28. raven says:

    never mind alls you have to do is draw the figure eight small in the center

  29. raven says:

    i on the last boss fight but whenever i try to draw the hourglass it almost never works someone please help

  30. rbk says:

    Thank you some dude.

  31. monk says:

    how do you get the bow

  32. monk says:

    how do you get through the Temple of Courage?

  33. awsum says:

    draw a (quick) hourglass



  35. Some dude says:

    This game is fun!

  36. fett says:

    I really need help with Gleeok! I’ve been stuck on him for six months! He is the only thing that seperates me from my third pure metal

  37. Some dude says:

    To yo jo:

    I think you mean the place where you have to transfer the crest to the sea chart. What you have to do is: Open up the sea chart with the icon on the bottom left corner. Then, close the DS and then open it up again. The crest will be transfered!

  38. Link says:

    On the first floor of the ghost ship when you see the first Evil Sister and across from her the two treasure chests, DO NOT LISTEN Choose the chest on the right witch contains a yellow potion, if you choose the other chest a nother reaper will appear!

  39. link says:

    I,ve beat the game about 35 times without cheats or anything and I,ve got everything from Oshus,s sword to the phantom sword.So if you want to ask me something go ahead.

  40. yo jo says:

    help me

  41. yo jo says:

    how do you compet the miter of the sun crest

  42. Tiger64 says:

    I know your help wasn’t 4 me, but thank you Toa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really confused and would of never thought of that! Thank you, you really helped.

  43. Some desperate guy says:

    Hey how do you get to the six sages on the Island of the Dead? Please help!

  44. greenboy says:

    If you need any questions just ask me. I have beaten the game 8 times and done all the gliches there are and probly can answer your questions better than the “Ocean King” could.

  45. Billy sdlkfj says:

    To earn the masters scroll
    Swordfight with the guy on the prince of red Lions, if you hit him enough he’ll give you hero’s clothes, witch you trade with someone else, and you trade with all the friendly guys on ships on each part of the ocean.
    Once you get the wool heart, a extra ship will apear somewhere on the maps, you trade with this guy, but receive nothing Bummer
    But if you go the the guy who has the mermaids pool in his house, there’s a chest which the contents inside are yours to take, and what do you think it is?

  46. greenboy says:

    too all those people that think you have to draw another symbol on the red door, well you dont

  47. power1296 says:

    to freeze time, collect the spirit’s energy and tap the picture of the hourglass and draw a quick sketch of an hourglass (get close to the enemy first!) and slash at Gollum…fast! I think you have about 8 secconds to attack! if it doesnt work, buy a codebreaker and use its codes for protection to save yourself. Trust me, I beat the game in the 2 slots! And one piece of advice, trust the boat driver and get gold ship parts!

  48. toto says:

    its a great game

  49. Boy 412 says:

    how do i beat bellum on the gohst ship

  50. Toa says:

    Triforce guy: “Please help Tri-Force Knight! I am stuck on the third time you go into the Temple of the Ocean King and I can not get past the room where you see an upside down southwestern sea map with the mark. Please answer as soon as possible!”

    If you want to know how to transfer the sacred crest do this: Go to the rock and use your stylus to select it. When you have the map on the rock on screen open up your southwestern seachart. Close your DS and then reopen it the mark will be on your seachart.

    If you have already done the above then go to the largest island in the northeast sea area. Solve the puzzles their and you should get a symbol from the maze area of the island. draw this symbol somewhere so that you can go back to the temple and put it on the door you drew the hourglass symbol on before.

    Hope this helps.

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