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Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

How do you defeat the final form of bellum?

Games Guru: It’s super frustrating. You’ll need the grappling hook, cannon, bow and arrow, phantom sword and the shield. There are about 24 tips to help you vanquish the ugly monster, and here’s a link to them.

I am stuck in the Courage Temple where you must shoot the eye posts with the bow. Please help. I’m desperate!

Games Guru: I don’t know exactly where you are, but try to blast the crack in the wall near the temple of the Ocean King. Walk through and you’ll find an eye on the wall. When you hit if with the arrow, a bridge magically is formed. After walking over, walk up the stairs you see. Aim for the eye opposite those stairs, then shoot the same statues that appeared back when you first entered the Temple of Courage. Another statue will appear. Move is parallel to the part between the temple and the tavern. It will point to a wall. Bomb it and enter the tunnel to lead to the island.

I’m on the first boss battle with Bellum after the spirit you start out with fully gets her memory back. How do you freeze time? Please give as much detail as possible. Thanks.

Games Guru: After many attacks on Bellum, he will release Ciela. At this point, she will present you with the Phantom Sphere. With it, you can tap the hourglass icon. Once you tap it on the touch screen, the eye on Bellum back will open. Now you can draw the Phantom Hourglass to free time.

How do I get out of the Temple Gust?

Games Guru: After you’ve killed the giant worms in the sandy area, head over to the trio of windmills you marked on your map. Blow into the DS microphone to begin moving them. The air jets guarding the exit will stop and you can leave.

How do you defeat Bellum?

Games Guru: Use your grapple to remove the clouds surrounding Bellum, then bring him to you with the grapple and attack his eyes. When he runs, go up the stairs after him, firing arrows.

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25 Comments on Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

  1. ULTIMATELINK // December 15, 2008 at 6:15 pm // Reply

    The game is so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s DEFINATELY worth buying!!!!!!!!!! I’ve already beaten the game, so I’ll help anyone who needs it. Just type a shoutout.

  2. omg pleaasee helpp how do u get the last sister
    in the ghost ship?
    ive been stuck 4 so long

  3. you have to draw 2 signs on the door and you will go to 2 different placees, if you tipe in the sacred crest/hourglass you go into the room that has a big map on it and it says stamp the mark on you map all you do is close you ds and open it agen and the mark is on your map. the other one is the triforce it is 3 triangles interlocking, and that one brings you to the blue room with the yellow portal in it that save your time and u can com bak to that some spot them you go to the 6th room if you go through the other door.

  4. how do you get the 4th sea chart?

  5. hey Phantom! to get the boss key, go 2 the area inside the temple with the worms after getting the key(2 get the key, move the 2 things blowing air to turn the windmills. then the key will drop near u). anyway, once your there, use the key 2 open the door and open the chest. u will get a bomb bag. blow up the crack in the wall and go threw it. then place a bomb on the wind. it will make a chain reaction hitting the switch. go threw the door and place a bomb by the wall section with tiles next to it. it’ll blow up. go threw it. if i’m right, just keep walking 2 get 2 the chest with the key in it.

  6. How do I get the Temple of wind’s boss key?

  7. How do you get the bom bage???????

  8. I beat the game already. It was a real awesome game to play!

  9. I’m still annoyed about the red X’s.I don’t know what they do.Oh and how do you get through the fog?Please Help!

    get a treasure thinggy an go to a red spot(X whatever) an treasure ahoy! 2 go to the island inside the rocks that you blow up. you figure out the rest

  10. go to the pourtol.

  11. how do you get the last sea chart?

  12. how do i get the third sister??

  13. Xterminator // October 9, 2008 at 9:27 pm // Reply

    What is all your guys’s battle scores? I’m at 5000 right now.

  14. Xterminator // October 9, 2008 at 9:24 pm // Reply

    I think it’s so weird how so many people don’t understand how to get to the lower parts of the temple for the last two sea charts… I mean, Zaus explains it right to you!

    Red Xs? you mean the ones on the sea charts? those are spots where treasure is on the sea floor, you can get it once you have the salvage arm.

    to get through the fog you have to go to that island in the west of the southwestern sea chart. you’ll find the way there.

  15. Eddieis2243 // October 7, 2008 at 6:17 pm // Reply

    I’m still annoyed about the red X’s.I don’t know what they do.Oh and how do you get through the fog?Please Help!

  16. u close the screen then open it back up

  17. thanks im playing right now

  18. how do u open up the door to the second part to get the other to sea charts

  19. my wifi name is jaydog I am on on saterday

  20. what is the order of the lavers on the gost ship

  21. I tried explaining earlier, but I’ll try again. To get the third sea chart, first go to Zaus’s island. Inside his hut, there is a picture of the triforce on the wall. That is the symbol you must draw. To draw it in one stroke, start at the top. From there, here is a step by step guide:

    Go South west.

    from there, go East.

    from there, go south west.

    from there, go North west. (you now have the inner triangle drawn.)

    from there, go south west.

    from there, go all the way east. (you now have the bottom left triangle drawn)

    from there, go all the way North west. (you now have the triforce drawn.





  22. Is anyone interested in a little competetive wifi? It’d be cool to get a ladder started.

  23. u get the 3rd sea chart by having both the map in th wall and ur sea cart and close the ds to imprint it onto your map……well i think thats the 3rd sea chart or thats the symbol for the map

  24. i dont know either i is bugging me i anm sorry i cant help i have looked every where

  25. how do i get the 3rd sea chart can you please tell me what symbol i draw on the door in the teamble.

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