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Lego Lord of the Rings

Do you have the code for chest finder?

Games Guru: I’m not positive this will work, but try A24TVJ.

Do you have any codes for 3DS? I want one that unlocks all Characters the most. Codes for extras and treasures would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Games Guru: There is no one code that unlocks all characters: that would be too easy! Here are some others, though.

– Madril, C19F3A
– Minikit Chest Finder, A24TVJ
– Mithril Brick Finder, B72D7E
– Mithril Hearts, 2MCRDN
– Mouth Of Sauron, F4M7FC
– Poo Studs, D49TXY
– Quest Finder, EY4K32
– Radagast The Brown, 5LV6EB
– Regenerate Hearts, H5L6N6
– Ringwraith (Twilight), LYQU1F
– Shagrat,  PJB6MV

Comments about “Lego Lord of the Rings”

  1. Orion says:

    How do u get the witch king?? the set destination leads me to a spot outside a castle with nothing in that spot.

  2. Aosc2 says:

    I am at the Black Gate, and the other part of my troupe is at a place where you need rope to swing up to higher ground. However, I don’t have any kind of rope… What do I do?

  3. Game King says:

    I was at 99.9% complete when my brother deleted it

  4. Sienna Octane 13 says:

    I read the Lord of the Rings complete series; I liked them so much that decided to purchase the video game. Having now had this very entertaining game for a few months, I finally was able to accomplish the feat of completing this game 100%.

  5. geek kid says:

    i am 95.3%

  6. geek kid says:

    I was around 70% but my game got deleted now i am 84.6%

  7. lotr fan says:

    poll: What is your favorite weapon?
    a: mithril ice bow/sword
    b: mithril skeleton bow/sword
    c: mithril fire bow
    d: other

  8. the BOSS says:

    i got it ive been playing it for awile

  9. coolguy9 says:

    need codes for xbox

  10. Captain America says:

    The bonus level is a really good way to get 1,000,000 coins fast.

  11. Bilbo says:

    I love it

  12. TheChocolateCreeper says:

    I’m on the iPad version. is there any way to REALLY quickly collect studs without using any extras? Like a spot with a lot of blue studs?

  13. Legolas says:

    great game

  14. Critic says:

    what the heck games guru i tried those codes but none of worked! (i was on the 3DS if you were wondering.)

  15. awesome4534 says:

    How do you get Gil-Galad and Saruman ? The map says Im standing on top of Saruman but he is nowhere in sight, and Gil-Galad isn’t on the map.

  16. pedrolover10 says:

    best game ever! beat in 5 hours

  17. lego wierdo says:

    is this game worth $40?

    • the BOSS says:

      lego weirdo look down 2 spaces to find your answer of lego LOTR

    • Jedi Bob says:

      It is totally worth it lego weirdo. Every level is difficult, (in a good way), the characters are AWESOME, and the open world beats every other lego game I know of. Besides Lego Star Wars III.

  18. Boss says:

    is this game worth $20 if so please reply to “Boss.” ;)

  19. kelbo says:

    how do you get past osilgath?

  20. Mr. timn says:

    codes for wii

  21. Aragon123 says:

    I beat the game in one day! Awesome graphics great game Follow me

  22. bilbo nerd says:

    how do i get out of bree?

  23. cheesebuger123 says:

    anyone know a quick way to kill the witch king of angmar
    p.s is there a cheat code for him?

  24. ringbearer says:

    I finished the game! and I love it!!!!!!!!!

  25. Boss says:

    Favorite weapon has to be Mithril Ice Bow

  26. lord of the rings fantic says:

    how do you beat the oliphants in the battle for minas tirith on the wii I have read the trilogy once 10 years old still rockin

    • maddoctor says:

      Use Aragorn to smash the morgul anklets on some, then use Legolas to shoot the arrow slots on the others. Then climb up.

  27. cheesebuger123 says:

    in the ds HOW do you beat shelob nothing i do seems to work

    • Boss says:

      Use Frodo’s light to scare shelob then get Frodo’s sword and go into the circle near shelob and press Z. [On the Wii]

  28. Thor says:

    I’m at 98.8 percent completion, but there’s a Mithril brick near Isengard that won’t appear. Can you tell me how to get it?

  29. Minecraft Expert says:

    My friend Ethan is crazy about Lord of The Rings.

  30. Joe says:

    I’m a huge LotR fan and have read the trilogy 3 times. Great game, wished it could have lasted longer. Favorite character has to be Aragorn.

  31. Bob2 says:

    Does it work on wii?

  32. acb8484 says:

    what are the codes for the 2 very last charcters on the wii

  33. acb8484 says:

    what are the codes for the very last charcters

  34. lego video game player says:

    do these codes work on ps3?

  35. MMMEEE!! says:

    One game to find them.
    One game to rule them all,
    And in the darkness bind them.

  36. The Legend says:

    I think codes are dishonest. I beat the game 100%, within two weeks, without using any codes at all.

  37. Awesome says:

    One game to rule them all!

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