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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

In Chapter 2, Dead Hand Base, what strategy do you suggest I should use to win and get the PDA?

Games Guru: It’s hard. There’s no one best strategy except to say avoid the turrets, so you won’t take too much damage. Check out the area for health power ups around you. Duke has to make use of his missiles. Aydana probably will have to head out for a medikit. Repair Mint’s turret if you need to. After Banshee’s done with her mission, send her to deal with the turret that’s blocking Aydana and Mint. Get Mind to pick up his turret and make for the reactor.

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  1. david says:

    call of duty is a game that presents world war 1

  2. mario23 says:

    i agree with call of duty fan it is to vilent and i play it and i cant get it either

  3. Cutler says:

    what is this game rated? I think it’s T for Teen…. right?

  4. person says:

    you should make a game for it

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