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Kid Icarus: Uprising

My friend told me that beating Pandora’s 1st phase in boss battle mode in less than 10 seconds on hard difficulty triggers a hidden level with sea turtles and a secret boss. Is that true?

Games Guru: I can’t find any evidence of this so, just like you, I don’t think it’s true.

Hi Games Guru. In some levels, there is a door with a skull and a certain number of lit up hearts around it. What is that and how do I get inside?

Games Guru: What intensity are you playing on? You may need to increase the intensity of the game to be able to get inside.

How do you get past the windy room in chapter 19: The Lightning Chariot without falling off?

Game Guru: You mean the gust monsters? Try side-dashing to the red floor and taking him out from there.

Comments about “Kid Icarus: Uprising”

  1. Pit & Palutena says:

    I love this game! I give it 6 out of 5 stars! The controls are so unique, each boss is different, and the multiplayer is outstanding!

  2. crafter76 says:

    ok ok ok ok MY GOSH IS IT HARD TO BEAT SOME OF THE LEVELS!!!!!! any tips for beating the levels with ease?

  3. Yo Mama says:

    Do any of you know the list of the numbers on the intensity doors because I really need one. Also the person who wants to know the you beat Pandora 1st phase in under 30 sec. it does exist it’s just really hard to get it.

  4. Billyan says:

    Does anyone else know that Icarus drowns in the original Greek myth?

  5. Captain Orange Animations says:

    Best 3DS game so far. I’m speechless. When I first received the game I loved it. Just, wow. Storyline was amazing, gameplay, multiplayer, even an option to switch to first person, opening up itself as a FPS or 3rd person. If you haven’t bought the game yet, I would highly suggest it to you. Very addicting. Lasts a good long while of shoot-em-up gameplay, and terrific storyline. Thank you Nintendo. -Jay

  6. omega123 says:

    We need a sequel, also for all who do not know, kid icarus was originally a game from the 80s and even had an America exclusive sequel. check out the the wiki and see for yourself.

  7. omega123 says:

    Is it just me or do they break the 4th wall in this game alot. scratch that. there is no 4th wall in this game.

    • bob says:

      What fourth wall?

      • omega123 says:

        the fourth wall when watching you see 3 walls and the fourth wall is considered the line of reality between the game and you. breaking is making a real world reference or a character saying something like “why do you expect me to cover up these plot holes? you’re the protagonist.”

  8. PikachuFan says:

    Yeah. I agree

  9. Super Awesome guy of awesome says:

    I likez dis awesome game! :) :P

  10. Dennenburg says:

    Undescribable awesomeness.

    • JLC says:

      Agreed. I’ve beat the game, and gotten all the weapons. It actually doesn’t take too long to beat the story, but it takes an eternity to get all the treasure hunt prizes and idols.

  11. maddoctor says:

    How do you get the Gemini Orbitars? It’s the only zodiac item I have left!

    • Dennenburg says:

      In Chapter 6, Dark Pit, you will fight him in three locations. If one of them is underground, that’s the place. Defeat Dark Pit and then look in all of the corners of the room. One of them has a door that opens after fighting Dark Pit. Go inside and find the light circle. If you do not end up fighting him underground, then replay the level until he hides there.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I know a searet on chapter 2 if you see the tapistrey walk into it

  13. :) says:

    I have this game, it was my first on 3DS!

  14. Luigiten1 says:

    Man, this game is really hard on a high intensity! I’m lucky if I survive at intensity 6.7

  15. Phil the Billy Bob says:

    It is the best game EVER!!!

    (P.S. The Babel club is good on together mode!)

  16. arandomguy says:

    awsome game and great in 3d

  17. Jack Attack says:

    I beat the whole game. It’s really fun.

  18. Kid Icarus winner says:

    I’m almost done with the last treasure hunt.

    • Kingdom Hearts King says:

      how do you beat those treasure hunts so quickly! It took me forever to get just a few panels of hades treasure hunt and there are lots of hard things! you must be pro. or play it 24/7

  19. SmashBro says:

    We need a sequel, period.

  20. xxxx says:

    cool game

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