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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

How do you beat the great maze in subspace emissary? I have four different locations!!!

Games Guru: It’s really hard. This video should help you, though:

How can you beat Target Smash Level 5 in under 20 seconds? What are some tips in beating Cruel Brawl in Multi-Man Brawl? What characters have the highest KO rates in their attacks? How do you control R.O.B.’s Final Smash? Which high-jumping character would be good for beating Boss Battle Mode? What is a good technique for beating Master Hand and Crazy Hand? Thank you.

Games Guru: Wow. You have a lot of questions. Answers for beating Boss Battle mode might help you with your other questions, too:

Don’t button mash. Wait for a pause in their fighting, then hit once or twice. But don’t go wild or they’ll get you. Do a quick multiple attack. Then retreat to somewhere safe to shoot missiles. Dodge the boss’s moves. Use your most powerful strikes like Hammer. Don’t use your heart containers all at once since you don’t have many.

Fox and Ness are great against Duon and Meta Ridley since Fox and Ness have reflectors or absorbers. Pikachu works great with any boss who flies. Just use Thunder. Marth works against a ton of bosses. Just use Counter.

I heard some talk on comments a while back that you can unlock Ridley as a playable character. How can I do that?

Games Guru: You might be able to unlock Ridley by beating Tabuu on any difficulty with Samus playing first on your lineup, as long as you play and die three times straight.

Are there any codes for this game?

Games Guru: There are tons of codes out there. Here are some ways to unlock bonus stages:

– Jungle Japes (from Super Smash Bros. Melee): Fight on any Melee stage 10 times.

– Luigi’s Mansion: Use Luigi in 3 Brawls.

– Mario Bros.: Complete Match #19 (Wario Bros.).

– Pokemon Stadium: Fight in the Pokemon Stadium 2 stage 10 times.

– Spear Pillar: Finish Match #25 (The Aura Is With Me).

How do you defeat Taboo? He’s hard!

Games Guru: He’s really hard. The short answer to your question is to use characters that fly because Tabuu is quite a flier. So get Diddy Kong, Peach, Meta Knight, Marth and Game & Watch together because they have the finest air attacks.

Here’s one other tip: Avoid Tabuu’s whip by using the shield and dodge functions. To avoid Tabuu’s other attacks, you’ll be sidestepping, jumping and rolling a lot.

I can’t get anyone to shoot the sandbag far in the homerun derby minigame. Any advice?

Games Guru: Try Bowser. Check out this YouTube link as well. Using Bowser, this guy sent the sandbag over 2,100 feet.

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10 Comments on Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  1. Waluigi time! // June 20, 2008 at 11:51 am // Reply

    How in the heck do you beat Cruel Melee!!!???

  2. and u can’t spell things right so u don’t have the best tips ever. oh and if u have enough money, go by me the hedgehog (shadow the hedgehog) if u and about 12 and up not 10 and up cuz shadow says the “d” word and the commander says the h word when u go to the place air fleet.

  3. Note to unlocker: This is not melee ok? the sonic thing in melee was a 2003 april fools joke.u only unlock master hand with Action Replay. Its not a giant dixy kong but donkey kong. And the only ways to unlock jigglypuff is when you do 50 vs matches or adventure in any diffulcty.And this is Super Smash Brothers BRAWL, and not Super Smash Brothers Melee!!

  4. Ultimatepokemonmaster // June 20, 2008 at 8:31 am // Reply

    Please help! I need to unlock Jigglypuff! It says I have to complete event match 20 to unlock it, but I did that and I didn’t unlock it! Please help!

  5. Ultimatepokemonmaster // June 20, 2008 at 7:39 am // Reply

    Never mind. I already answered my questions except the one about Great Maze because when I loaded up my game, I found that everyone but Sonic and that other guy were already unlocked (What a rip-off!) So I had to erase all my saved data and start over. I also found out that event 14 was actually Blossom of the Pikimin Flower.

  6. Waluigi time! // June 19, 2008 at 10:10 pm // Reply

    The only thing I don’t understand about this game is why it will keep spitting out trophies that I have already gotten in the coin launcher! I’ve been looking for the Zant trophy in particular, and all the sights I go to say that you have to get it in the coin launcher. But it just keeps shooting out ones I’ve gotten!! Why?!!!

  7. Ultimatepokemonmaster // June 19, 2008 at 6:39 pm // Reply

    I need help! How do I get past event 14 Blooming of the Pikimin Flower? How long do I have to wait for the Pikimin flowers to blossom?

  8. Waluigi time! // June 19, 2008 at 6:35 pm // Reply

    Dont worry everyone!!! The next one they make will have Waluigi as a playable character, or else!!!!!!!

  9. Waluigi time! // June 19, 2008 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    LOVE IT!! ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS GAME!!! Its about time they made a Super Smash bros. game where you can play as Wario! He is my favorite nintendo character of all time. Too bad you couldn’t play with Waluigi though. I think he would of been cool to play as. I loved the assist trophy of him!

  10. this game is ausome

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