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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

How do you beat the great maze in subspace emissary? I have four different locations!!!

Games Guru: It’s really hard. This video should help you, though:

How can you beat Target Smash Level 5 in under 20 seconds? What are some tips in beating Cruel Brawl in Multi-Man Brawl? What characters have the highest KO rates in their attacks? How do you control R.O.B.’s Final Smash? Which high-jumping character would be good for beating Boss Battle Mode? What is a good technique for beating Master Hand and Crazy Hand? Thank you.

Games Guru: Wow. You have a lot of questions. Answers for beating Boss Battle mode might help you with your other questions, too:

Don’t button mash. Wait for a pause in their fighting, then hit once or twice. But don’t go wild or they’ll get you. Do a quick multiple attack. Then retreat to somewhere safe to shoot missiles. Dodge the boss’s moves. Use your most powerful strikes like Hammer. Don’t use your heart containers all at once since you don’t have many.

Fox and Ness are great against Duon and Meta Ridley since Fox and Ness have reflectors or absorbers. Pikachu works great with any boss who flies. Just use Thunder. Marth works against a ton of bosses. Just use Counter.

I heard some talk on comments a while back that you can unlock Ridley as a playable character. How can I do that?

Games Guru: You might be able to unlock Ridley by beating Tabuu on any difficulty with Samus playing first on your lineup, as long as you play and die three times straight.

Are there any codes for this game?

Games Guru: There are tons of codes out there. Here are some ways to unlock bonus stages:

– Jungle Japes (from Super Smash Bros. Melee): Fight on any Melee stage 10 times.

– Luigi’s Mansion: Use Luigi in 3 Brawls.

– Mario Bros.: Complete Match #19 (Wario Bros.).

– Pokemon Stadium: Fight in the Pokemon Stadium 2 stage 10 times.

– Spear Pillar: Finish Match #25 (The Aura Is With Me).

How do you defeat Taboo? He’s hard!

Games Guru: He’s really hard. The short answer to your question is to use characters that fly because Tabuu is quite a flier. So get Diddy Kong, Peach, Meta Knight, Marth and Game & Watch together because they have the finest air attacks.

Here’s one other tip: Avoid Tabuu’s whip by using the shield and dodge functions. To avoid Tabuu’s other attacks, you’ll be sidestepping, jumping and rolling a lot.

I can’t get anyone to shoot the sandbag far in the homerun derby minigame. Any advice?

Games Guru: Try Bowser. Check out this YouTube link as well. Using Bowser, this guy sent the sandbag over 2,100 feet.

Comments about “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”

  1. Victini says:

    I can beat most lvl 9 cpu’s fairly easily except for Wolf. He is a real challange to defeat.

  2. Nico says:

    I know how to prepare a glitch read my next comit

  3. Victini says:

    That was my younger brother who just posted(as ryu). Personally, I like Meta Knight and Wolf the most.
    P.S. You can find me on the Pokemon White page also.

    • $moneyman$ says:

      Meta Knight has cool specials but his smashes I find are weak. I love Wolf, but he is really heavy, plus his side and up specials leave him vunerable. I like Fox better and Lucas rocks if you can play him.

  4. ryu says: ryu says:

    lucas and ness are epic. super street fighter 4 is epic 2.

  5. $moneyman$ says:

    Does anybody know the what the se level symbols mean? Some are color changing triangle things and some are green flags, what’s the difference?

    • Sonic says:

      The “color changing triangles” are crowns, showing that you completed that stage 100%. Flags mean you just cleared the stage and there are more things to pick up.

  6. $moneyman$ says:

    Hey, did you know that you can start as zero samus? Hold the – button (wiimote sideways) or r ( gamecube controller) and select her, then select stage and release after that.

  7. d.j. says:

    I heard from someone who beat the game that there’s a Great Maze 2!! He said you have to get 100% in the Subspace Emisary. I MEAN EVERYTHING!

    • Halaswisscheese says:

      This is NOT true, I actually have 100% and there is nothing else.

    • Nico says:

      Im leaving this will be my last hint 100% true hear is a list how to unlock stages pokemom stadium fight on pokemon stadium 2 10 times luigis manison play as luigi 3 times bigblue unlock captin falcon hint you have to unlock captin falcon and luigi and I dont know how green hill zone you have to unlock sonic dont ask how to unlock sonic because I dont know how


    Master Hand Completion Step by step

    1.Dodge ONE move
    2.Go to one of the far sides of the platforms you are on
    3. Do a jump attack on the Hand
    4. repeat until dead

  9. avatar boss says:

    i own with lucareo and sonic

  10. Ike Knight says:

    I can beat LEVEL 9 CPUs.

  11. Travo100 says:

    i have every character and every stage

  12. suzukiboy says:

    Super smash bros 4 was announced at E3 2011! Production hasn’t started and the only info known currently is that it will be on the wiiU and the 3DS. My guess is that it won’t be out for 3-5 years.

    • redfed says:

      is the video on the wii Nintendo channel? i wonder what carectours will be in it p.s. thats awsome i`ve been waiting 4 no.4 seance i first played brawl

    • Mr.Nintendo says:

      The title for the Wii U Super Smash Bros is (maybe spolier), Super Smash Bros. Universe!!!

      Please tell me if I am wrong!

  13. the green wonder says:

    our if you have boss batlles use fox or falco and if u beat it u get to fight wolf beat him boom u have him

  14. the green wonder says:

    i have every chareter in the whole game the chareters u can get easliy in the subspace emissery.does anyone have wolf in the subspace emissery i know how all you do is go to the ruins go were the the spikes come out INGNORE THE FIRST DOOR!!!! stay on the ledge untill it dissapers and when you fall there will be a door (its like 2 feet from the ground) :YOU HAVE TO HAVE COMPLETED THE SUBSPACE EMISSERY (IT IS COMPLETED IF THERE IS A CROWN ON THE DATA YOU LOAD) : GO IN THAT DOOR AND WOLF WILL BE RIGHT THERE

  15. awesome gamer says:

    Meta Knight pwns all!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think Waluigi should be in the next game. Just like Pack-Man and Mega-Man!

  17. tw says:

    i love tiss game!!!

  18. mrmustache says:

    i know a guy who’s brother TOTALLY hacked his game. He said at one point during a game Chuck Norris jumped on the feild and started beating everyone up.

  19. Hpfreak says:

    how do you get through the great maze on wii?

  20. Travo100 says:

    How do you vs crazy hand in Classic?

    • king dedede says:

      There are two ways to do this.

      1. Get to Final Destination when on Hard difficulty or greater.
      2. Get to Final Destination in under 9 minutes.

  21. king dedede says:

    How do you do special taunts? If you use Snake’s special taunts, he calls someone, but I DON’T KNOW HOW I DO THAT!

    • mrmustache says:

      You have to usev it in the Solid Snake feild to make it work.

    • hungryperson says:

      You need to go to Shadow Moses Island and press 1 and 2 at the same time as Snake. it is different for each character and will select a random opponent if there are multiple enemies. It can only be used once per battle and cannot be used if you are hit before you can move after starting it. It ends if Snake dies.

    • Weirdo says:

      Go to Shadow Moses Island as Snake. Training mode’s easier because the CPUs don’t attack you. I like to use the classic controller. On the classic controller, roll your thumb around the left D-pad. It usually takes 2-5 of snake’s box taunts, but if you did it right, he’ll bend down and start calling.

  22. o yeeah says:

    this is the best game

  23. Sharkman says:

    I like the masterpieces and multiplayer

  24. Sonic190 says:

    I love this game!!!!!!!

  25. owl says:

    making all of your brawl enemy’s be 9’s is awesomely fun!!!!

  26. LITWICK101 says:

    5 new good characters:
    1.Bowser Jr.
    5.Last but not least Miis! New stage called… maybe you guessed it Mii Plaza!

    • Ridley XD says:

      I like the idea for adding Megaman, but I think they should’ve put in MegaMan.EXE. C’mon, face it! He’s WAY cooler! (Of course, this is my opinion. Think of him however you want.) Maybe ProtoMan and Bass could go in there too. Heck maybe even that superbug organism thing from Battle Network 2 could be a boss.

      • LITWICK101 says:

        About Pac-Man- If you get 2011 video game world records book, go to most popular video game charecters page, and one of them is Pac-man. He has arms and legs and a face. He looks like he is in super smash bros brawl. His face is like this- :D

    • hungryperson says:

      Seriously, how would you play pac-man?!?!?!?

      • legohead28 says:

        pacman would bite his enemies to attack,and his special might just include ghosts and pacman points… still it would just be a guess though.

  27. redfred says:


  28. redfred says:

    u got a month left p.s. plz vote!!!!!

  29. MarioMan2000 says:

    hey guys. i beat this yestarday, 3 weeks after my b-day!(p.s im 12)

  30. jake says:

    iv beat the game

  31. jake says:

    i got taboo trohfy

  32. red fred says:

    im starting a new poll for your favorite charcetors and who u want to c in the new smash bros game ps u can vote twice here r my votes fav charector marth1 pit1 new game charectors toed1 boo 1

  33. mr.bowser says:

    thats cool

  34. shadow says:

    golden hammers are next to the bottom. :)

  35. Gamemaster says:

    If you grab a trophy stand and significatly damage the enemy (You don’t have to do this on some of the weaker guys, like primids and Goombas), you can get a trophy of ANY enemy. (YES this counts for bosses!!!)

  36. Dr. Mario says:

    does anybody know how to get ridly as a playable charictar?

    • Halaswisscheese says:

      Unforetunately, it is not possible. I have look in for months how its done, but it never worked. The method of how i heard its done is to the subspace emmesary and face taboo. You have to be samus. then beat him three times straight. Try this. If it works then i dont like you but it shouldnt. All in all, YOU CANT!

  37. red fred says:

    hay u guy do u no if their is anyone after wolf??? or secret charetors????

  38. game freak says:

    you can turn into samus without her suit on by hitting – when you start the game

  39. Xplant says:

    Apparently, Waluigi (My fav character), can pop out of some item, and start pwning people with a tennis raquet!
    By the way, he comes from Mario Tennis, which is why he has a raquet.

  40. smile wink says:

    how do you unlock every character?

  41. smile wink says:

    my favorite three characters are:

  42. Megatankmaster says:

    I am having trouble getting Palutena’s Arrow. (Target Smash 1 in 15 seconds) Any tips?

  43. Olimar88 says:

    If u get jiggly puff and go to the Bridge of Elden and do final smash with her in the bridge when they r reparing it u stay in final smash forever

  44. Carbison says:

    Have you ever wondered why this game is rated T? It’s only rated T for Cartoon Violence and Crude Humor.

  45. sonic the hedgehog says:

    i would prefer sonic as the best one to use his special moves are very helpful hes fast and when he turns to super sonic with the smash brawl it’s like a atom bomb that just went kablooy!!

  46. yay man says:

    great game

    • Ridley XD says:

      I’ve been trying to get Duon’s trophy for a LONG time. Then one day my five-year-old brother tells me he got his trophy on his FIRST TRY. I didn’t believe him at first, but when I checked the gallery, sure enough, it was there. Oh, I also got Rayquaza, Galleom, and the Master Hand.

      • Hotwheelslover365 says:

        How did you get Master Hand’s trophy? He’s not a boss in the SSE and trophy stands aren’t in Classic.

    • smile wink says:


  47. red fred says:

    that do you mean buy hack??????

  48. epick dude1 says:

    I can make all charicters evil like blackish sonic,dark link,wingnut shell bowser,blue red eyed meta knight,and a cool daisy looking peach (don’t ask how i found theese out)

  49. king dedede says:

    Hey, this is totally awesome! In Challenges (all the blue and red boxes) you can unlock a Mewtwo trophy if you complete All-Star mode on Intense difficulty.

    • sonic the hedgehog says:

      i saw the mewtwo trophy it must be a pain to get does anybody agree

      • shadow says:

        Does any body know that if you click on a golden hammer and then click on a challenge you havnt unlocked youll unlock it? but you onl get 3 so dont waste them :)

      • king dedede says:

        Well then, here’s another really hard one along with a really easy one.

        Master Hand Trophy: Clear Classic with 20 characters
        Crazy Hand Trophy: Clear Classic on Intense

        By the way, it’s good to see three Brawl characters chatting.

  50. Anonymus Scout says:

    I think th Assist Trophy Stafy (Starfy in English, now that he’s finally come overseas), was also going to be a regular character, but wasn’t since he had never had a debut anywhere other than Japan. Now that they made a Starfy game in USA, he’ll most likely be a brawler in the next game, if they make one.

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