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Mario Kart DS

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  1. GG says:

    how do you unlock ROB

  2. nintendofan says:

    my faveret is yoshi.

  3. PD517 says:

    I heard you can get baby Mario and King Boo. Is this true?
    Note: the way I saw to get King Boo is to throw a bomb in the chest on boardwalk

  4. Game Master says:

    To unlock R.O.B you need to finish Mirror Special cup with gold

  5. supamario says:

    I have an action replay and all characters I put the code in and I didn’t get r.o.b.

  6. Nicko says:

    Rob isn’t very good

  7. will101 says:

    I like yoshi and the Egg1

  8. Minecrafter says:

    R.o.b is the last thing I need to unlock (or I thought) so how do you unlock him!!!

  9. dolly says:

    how do you get r o b? REPLY QUICKLY!

  10. mr. cool says:

    how do you unlock R.O.B.?

  11. anx says:

    dry bones’ dry bomber is the best in acceleration and handling!!!!!!

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