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Super Mario Sunshine

I am stuck on the sixth level of Noki Bay. Whenever I try jumping on a moving block, it will be too far away.

Games Guru: I’m not exactly sure where you are in the level, but here are some ideas: If you’re near the old fisherman’s grandson, try looking for a rope coming out of the platform. That will help to take you across. You may also need to use your wall jumping and backwards high-jumping abilities.

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  1. IsaacGoldenSun says:

    Hello, I am new to this site, but I have pretty much PWND this game. With all but blue coins remaining, I have 117 sprites with all the hidden ones revealed. If you need help, please contact me.

  2. halaswisscheese says:

    if you get 100 coins at each place, you will get a shine sprite

    there is a secret star in the beach place. one of the weeds(when squirted) makes a ditch/tomb. squirt the flat wall all the way and watch the magic happen

  3. c.s says:


  4. Mariomaster says:

    in almost every level there is a guy who says do you want one of my sunglasses (or something like that) if you get 30 shine sprites he will give you one P.S. if you beat the game he will give you a hawian shirt

  5. madder than the chain chomps says:

    My sister is stuck on the level called Chian Chomps Gone Mad. That is in The level on top Of the Shine Tower. What should She do?

  6. Legend of Zelda mastr says:

    How do I get to the volcano? Where do I save Peach?

    • nin*gorin says:

      To save Peach, you have to go into the volcano. To get in the volcano, you have to get past all the levels where you run around spraying shadow Mario(the guy that looks like a blue version of Mario, but with a paintbrush).

    • super mario sunshine master says:

      to get to the volcano and save peach;collect all the sprites in every stage up up to episode.[collect all of them if you want]

  7. BOOGABOOGA says:

    the yellow stuff in the pipes is for yoshi. squirt it with juice.

  8. BOOGABOOGA says:

    shadow mario is really bowser jr.

  9. Natscout says:

    Dear, I live fast,never die,
    this game is pretty fun,but also a bit of a challnge. I’m currently stuck, doing anything I can to figure out what to do on some levels,or getting mad when I have to redo a level over and over. I will say that if any of your friends have it and see if they’ll let borrow it or something like that.If you like a good brain teaser,surprizingly, this game is for you.

  10. Dooku says:

    Dear jw…,You get Yoshi by beating episode 4 of Pinna Park. To kill the eggs you squirt them. Then make them pound you (dodge!) in the sand then jump on them. Come back and squirt Shadow Mario.

    • Numero Awesome says:

      Dear Dooku,
      WRONG!!! What you do is you Collect 35 Shine sprites. Trust me. Beating level 4 of Pinna Park does nothing and i know because I have tried…

  11. bob89 says:

    watch chuggaconroy on utube he got 120 sprites!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Natscout says:

    Oops, heh heh, I meant the Gelato Beach stage not the Ricco Harbor stage.

  13. Natscout says:

    How do you beat the level a sand bird is born? I tried looking on ign, but the way to get the 8th red coin wasn’t very helpful, in fact it made me feel less confiedent about getting it.It said that I have to ride the sand bird all the way to the top of the spire that it circles.This level is in the Ricco Harbor stage if that helps you understand what I’m talking about.Do not think I do not understand what the walkthrough is telling me to do, I just don’t think it is possible, if there is, tell me.

    • Titan says:

      first of all get seven red coins then ride the sand bird all the way up the tower and the last red coin is on the tower.

  14. I live fast,die never. says:

    hows this game? should i buy it?i always see my little cousin play it and seems kinda interesting.

  15. Weerd Beerd the Pirate says:

    I am stuck on the levels Scrubbing Sirena Beach and Piantas In Need. How do you beat them?

    • mariofanatic64 says:

      for ‘scrubbing sirena beach’, you have to spray all of the goop in the time limit.
      for ‘piantas in need’, you have to save and wash all the piantas in the time limit.

      • mariofanatic64 says:

        when the shine sprite appears, talk to some of the piantas you saved, im pretty sure they reward you.

  16. ?????? says:

    Action Trev, they are fire blobs(if you touch them, you take damage). You can clear them with Yoshi’s juice. Plus, once you clean the Shine Gate, a Shine Sprite will pop up. Get to it with the Rocket Nozzle.

  17. ?????? says:

    Wario World:

    The same means of beating the cannon apply in a Pina Park level. If you have beaten this level, beating “Uncork the Waterfall” should be easy.

  18. ?????? says:

    jw…., you get Yoshi after you get a certain number of Shine Sprites. The same rules apply for the Rocket Nozzle and the Turbo Nozzle.

  19. person says:

    I have a guidebook for the game. I know how to get every Shine Sprite and blue coin. If anyone has questions, just ask.

    • mariofanatic64 says:

      this is too much to ask, but i still need to get 40 more blue coins, and i don’t know where they are. could you post a list of blue coins for me to check each spot for them, that would be great, but its ok if you cant do it. i understand writing down 240 locations isn’t fun.

  20. Giant Piece of Food says:

    is Shadow Mario a Boss?

  21. jw... says:

    what level do u get Yoshi? And which place?

    – TY 4 ur help.

  22. yoda says:

    are there any cheats?

  23. yoda says:

    in rico harbor i cant get red coins on the water!!Any tips or cheats???

  24. pokemon123456789 says:

    my game broke… :(

  25. the essence of the triforce says:

    to mario1,
    after the level starts go across the bridge, and turn right. make your way around to the back. a pianta tells you to go down a hole. fine with me!!! :) come up out of the hole and hop through the spaces with no fire paint. jump up the platform to find… F.L.U.D.D.! walk into … him? and hop up another platform. there’s the mayor covered in flame goop. how is he not burned up?! :0 anyway, spray him to get your shine.

  26. mario1 says:

    how do you beat the level goopy inferno

  27. tdog says:

    to sarazamthux you have to throw 3 peppers in his mouth after you throw each pepper you then must throw any other fruit but you might miss

  28. Action Trev says:

    How do you get to Noki Bay and what the heck are those yellowish moving squiggly lines on some of the pipes in Delfino Plaza?

  29. JJ says:

    marioman- you can actually kill those annoying ducks by bringing them over to the sand plants and spraying the plants when the ducks are in range. The level is a lot easier this way.

  30. SMS 32 says:

    how do u beat the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

  31. jtbethune says:

    how do i beat the last level on the docks? i cant find out what to do. i cant find yoshi even though it says something about him on the name of the level?

    • Numero Awesome says:

      First thing’s first, jtbethune. You need to have a certain amount of stars to unlock things, which in this case is 35 shine sprites. Now when youhave sprayed shadow mario in isle delfino, you get yoshi for any level. Now when try to get the fruit for yoshi, you have to get on top of the Fruit tubs and find a durian (the kick fruit). The thing is that The durian has blocked other fruit from leaving. so when you start to ground pound on the tubs and the fruit doesnt come out, jump on the whell on the tubes and the durian will come out. If you need anything else, Let me know. I check this website daily.

  32. mew says:

    to maniac:

    stand inside, press y, and look at the sun…

  33. Yamaha dude says:


    Hover Nozzle off the Spiral path so that the hole with the Turbo Nozzle (gray block is behind the logs) and make sure you land only on the logs.

  34. tmack07 says:

    sarazamthux wen u throw a pepper kick another fruit in his mouth.

  35. tmack07 says:

    to maniac…

    what r u talking about?

  36. maniac says:

    what is the rainbow thing at the dock

  37. wario world says:

    how do you beat uncork the waterfall ive got to the cannon but i cant hit him!

  38. wario says:

    how do you get past the secret area of dirty lake?

  39. Anonymous says:

    marioman, the biggest watermelon is at the place where the flag is for II piantaissmo’s sand sprint.

  40. boohead84 says:

    deh beh: they’re easy but yet some of them are hard like take “shells secret” that 1 I think is hard but the rest I can handle with ease

  41. Mario says:

    This game is the best!!!!!! Flood, gives the game a great repetition!!!

  42. boohead84 says:

    Mario Man: u have to get the biggest watermelon next to the sandbird egg otherwise you’ll never beat it

  43. k2o559 says:

    I think Super Mario Sun Shine is one of the best games I have evere played ps. I wish Luigi was in it.

  44. Boohead84 says:

    Cooldude: to follow up on waluigi’s comment u spray all of his teeth to beat him

  45. boohead84 says:

    DEBS means “delfino emergency broadcast system” CMON PEOPLE

  46. sarazamthux says:

    im stuck on the king boo down under how many peppers do u throw in his mouth

  47. Deh Beh Jeffery says:

    How on earth are you suposed to beat any of the ”secret of” missions near the end of the game?

  48. marioman says:

    i need help on the watermelon festival on gelato beach. can anyone help.

  49. bocaj says:

    Man that game is easy

  50. Waluigi time! says:

    To Cooldude, get as far away from it as you can and spray it. If you touch it, it will shock you!

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