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PacMan World Rally

I’m stuck on getting some of the characters. Please tell me how to get more.

Games Guru: As far as I know, there are only three unlockable characters. You get the Prince from Katamari by beating the Rally Cup on easy. The Prince is a very, very good racer–his sticky tires make cornering a cinch. If you beat the Rally Cup on normal, you get Pooka, the goggle-eyed guy from the game DigDug. Beat it on hard and you get Fygar the dragon.

Comments about “PacMan World Rally”

  1. Anonymous says:

    p.s pac-man is in diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever

  2. pacman_better_than_yoshi says:

    I like any Pacman game better than all NINTENDO games and SEGA games combined!!(But they are pretty good…)GO NAMCO!!!!

  3. pac-man says:

    even from katamari

  4. pac-man says:

    its i love this game its has pac-man and dig dug(dig dug 2)guys

  5. darth vader 101 says:

    I LOVE ANYTHING WITH PAC MAN IN IT!!!!!! except i don’t like ms. pac man as much :-)

  6. yay man says:

    wat system is pac man world on i now 2 and 3 are on xbox

  7. yay man says:

    so many games iwant them all

  8. cheatcode says:

    aside from black bomb, what are the other unlocks(get black bomb by eating 10 cpus in cherry cup.)?

  9. nin*gorin says:

    I like the cup where there is every track, but they all only have one lap. By the way, HOMESCHOOL IS AWSOME!!!!!

  10. Fisherman says:

    On circuit mode on easy, I can’t get the watermelon cup, do i have to do cherry then grape? I only had to do grape on medium.

  11. blinky says:

    where is pac-man world 2 or 3? :(

    • ps2gamer says:

      I have two and three but I would not get two,
      my brother has it for gamecube and I have it for ps2,
      and they both don’t work!

  12. Matt says:

    :PThis IS kinda fun!:mrgreen:

  13. Matt says:

    Not like pacman at all! :p

  14. Joe'n Fro says:

    I love competing in races. I like to compete in
    Funhouse Of Terror, and King’s Kourse.

  15. Crester says:

    I do like the battle mode. You can defeat
    any CPU in the battle.

  16. Poison Ivy Kid says:

    How do I unlock Subterran Speedway?

  17. Matt says:

    Please tell me what game Pac-Devil is from!:)

  18. Super Sonic says:

    :lol: This game has NO relationship with pac-man! :lol:

  19. Anonymous says:

    I really want to play Pac-Man World Rally

  20. wasd says:

    how do you unlock the dote

  21. speed says:

    pacman world rally is awsome

  22. Waluigi time! says:

    how do you unlock Mr. Driller on the Gamecube version?

  23. ******* says:

    they should make pages on more pacman games.

  24. helper says:

    dendei, have you tried eating the ghosts in grape and cherry i unlocked the black thingy doing that please try it

  25. Speedy says:

    I love Pac Man World Rally very much, but I also saw the mini movie with those tracks. I can’t unlock them after I beat the whole game and I am disaappointed. Please someone post how to get those hidden tracks. Thanks, Speedy

  26. speedy says:

    When I first brougt this game home I loved it!,but how do you unlock the different tracks in the mini clip before you play the game? I feel bad that all of these people hate your game,but I feel the opposite way. Please just tell us kids how to unlock these different tracks in the mini clips.(the track with these rocks rolling side to side in a curved shape valley)

  27. axleander4 says:

    after i beat this game it was sooo boreing i beat in in 5 days (not playing 24 7)

  28. Rapper says:

    I saw a tip in the magizene

  29. robo cup winner says:

    i think this game makes pacman look kind a bad why make a pacman game if its not really about that game

  30. goo goo says:

    Can I unlock new tracks? On that little mini movie at the beginning of the game, I saw some tracks that I have never raced on. I have unlocked all the cups too.

  31. dendei says:

    when i beat cherrie and grape cup on easy, mediam, and hard what do i do how do i earn more stuff on the game i didnt earn anything on the game yet?

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