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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

Are there any codes I can use on Game Boy?

Games Guru: I cannot find any codes for this game.

Can I have some secret codes for GameCube?

Games Guru: I will give you the one secret code that rules ‘em all. On the main menu, where it asks if you have any codes, enter “maxmeout.” This will give you every known secret code at once.

Comments about “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4”

  1. tassro says:

    giantsteps is fun

  2. Abhi says:

    I listen only 2 songs all the time. I feel like headache.
    How can I enable the other songs.
    Please help me out….

  3. cYba d00d says:

    thanks for the code! I can’t even get past the college level! I can’t do the cannonball. Please help me!

  4. killer1999 says:

    how do u grind on the elephants back

  5. killer1999 says:

    how do you open the aquiruim

    • samster says:

      open it by grinding on elephants back. how to do that is get a lot of speed then go up the ramp behind elephant and while you are in the air press and hold “R” ten when you are on the roof ollie onto the elephants back and grind.

    • jarrod says:

      jump on the elephants head and it will charge into the acreim

  6. Ilovethisgame says:

    In the first level how do you keep a hold of the professors car? Also, any tips on how to get to the top of the clock tower.

  7. scabs says:


  8. guy says:

    to get in the aquarium,grind on the elephants back

  9. falcon says:

    watch-me-xplode is correct guys

  10. cdoester says:

    tony hawk’s games rock.

  11. Infernape100 says:


  12. helper says:

    Watch me explode is from TNT by ACDC

  13. flamedudeman55 says:

    to charizard: the code 4 daisy is :(0)(0)

  14. flamedudeman55 says:

    code: Whatch Me Xplode

  15. JORDAN101 says:

    A mode is cool.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. naruto and sonic fan1 says:

    first thing is if you listen in one of the songs you here WATCH ME XPLODE which is also the code to unlock everything! just wanted to say that.

  18. code guy says:

    If you are bored of being stuck, just enter the following code: (this will unlock everything)


  19. tony says:

    cheat code 4 PS2:Watch_Me_Xplode

  20. neeneebutt says:

    if you need help on spyro a new begining ask me i already beated it

  21. charzaird says:

    how do you get Daisey without spending 100,000 dollars.

  22. ******* says:

    this is the best game ever better than pokemon (no offense pokemon)

  23. Video games guy says:

    To get every thing, type in: watch_me_xplode. You will have to type this in every time, though.

  24. Mr.Me says:

    do you have gorrila mode it is awesome you all big cause it cool and it like cool

  25. DaxQuark says:

    To beat high scores, you get special, then do a cool move like the Varial McTwist,McTwist or the Kickflip Underflip to get sweet points. If your really high, you can do all of them together in any order to get 36,000 points. If you do all the special moves, ya get 200,000 points when I did it.

  26. Jimmy Neutron says:

    hi this game isnt better than underground 2 bye.

  27. password-geek says:

    Hi! I’m the password geek!

    Here’s a password to get you into ALL the levels: watch-me-xplode

    I have a fun time playing it even though i’m a girl!

    Ya’ I’m a girl so what!

    My older brother Brandon is in boy scouts, By the way he is 13 years old!

    and i’m only 12 years old.

  28. Jo Jo girl says:

    This game is very fun but integregating for girls thats why i call my self (boy) Jo Jo Girl because it makes me integregated like girls!


    Jo Jo girl

  29. nono says:

    I really like the game.

  30. bluchhkbej says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! fxondenrxenax

  31. Tp. 98 says:

    What ”Jar Jar” said

  32. The Master says:

    never mind found it out later that day

  33. JarJar says:

    It’s da bomb

  34. The Master says:

    you know in San Francisco how to you beat that one mission where you have to knock the blockers off?

  35. The Pwnerer says:

    guys guys guys, or should i say n00bs. the one power cheat is watch-me-xplode

    write it just like that and you should get every cheat, every character, and every level. lol! u shouldnt have 2 have cheats 2 beat the game though, its real easy u no? i mean i guess its just easy for me cuz im like uber pro, ya no’?

  36. Sir says:

    I love this game! I got it for game cube cheap!

  37. jonnytornato says:

    i mean for gameboy advance

  38. jonnytornato says:

    it/s tooooo hard

  39. jonnytornato says:

    i dont/knowhow to beat it

  40. bob says:

    tony halks pro skater 4 ias one of the best skating games in the world

  41. gogurtguy801 says:

    it’s watch_me_xplode

  42. cjdude says:

    i know a code its watch-me-explode

  43. Pat says:

    Also type ssbsts to get perfect rail

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