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In Rustbucket Race-O-Rama, I have trouble passing the other cars. Is there a secret to it?

Games Guru: The trick is not to pass cars but to take the lead in the beginning of the race and hold on to it. Try to earn as much boost as you can before entering the race. Since you have Mater, don’t be afraid to bump and push your way to the front of the race, then make sure to use powerslides and other tactics to stay ahead.

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  1. doodlebug says:

    do i have to put they cheat codes in everytime i play ?

  2. dinoboy234 says:

    I can’t beat tractor tipping

  3. Lightning says:

    I love this game!

  4. Matt says:

    How do you beat Frank???

  5. Jlee says:

    fun game

  6. mama mia mario says:

    robocop, try looking hard in the mines, take the path way that leads to the roof and try to break the wall to find the last post card

  7. koolkid says:

    tell me the other cheat codes assister.

  8. assister says:

    sk8terboi 8 didn’t tell you all of them, if you are stuck on a game then type in stuckhelp on the cheat screen in options and you get to pick 1 thing to beat autoly you can do it again and again but it takes another different word to do it i know 3 more but i want you to figure them out by yourself

  9. mama mia mario says:

    how do u beat tractor tipping?

  10. mama mia mario says:

    code: what it unlocks:
    imspeed fast start
    vroooom infine boost
    if900hp tons of stuff
    trgtext secret race n secret minigame
    yaycars all cars
    i forgot the rest, hope it helps!

  11. mama-mia-mario says:

    i think wii has the most cheats.

  12. for carsman says:

    please gimmi your cheatcodes:-( PLEASE NO NOW OR SO HELP ME gotta go my cookies r burning teehee

  13. taker says:

    hey don’t you think that every kid should play

  14. deadman says:

    i think it is nice and awsome and it loves to talk

  15. cars man says:

    i have all the chetcoods

  16. koolkid says:

    its cool

  17. koolkid says:

    cheat cods for the PS2 are vroooom, r4mone, if900hp, trytexc and yaycars.

  18. Tdog says:

    Cars is a movie with a lot of cars.

  19. Super Sonic says:

    No shadow, it’s for G Cube too, and the short story mode is easy. I don’t have the game, BUT, I’VE RENTED IT FROM BLOCK BUSTER!!

  20. supersonic boom says:

    blackgrenade yes the cheat is if900hp and shadow it is also for the ps2.

  21. pokefan2000 says:

    fun game i have it for ds and gameboy i cant beat the ds one though

  22. ? says:

    cars is realy fun.but i lost the game before beating it.

  23. shorty199 says:

    does anybody no any cheat codes

  24. blackgrenade says:

    does any one have cheats for ps2

  25. Pete says:

    Not so good when compared with Need for Speed and Midnight Club, but the game is better than the movie.

  26. mcqeen700 says:

    cars is the best game for people who like cars and racing

  27. shadow says:

    I know the code to unlock everything. It is If900hp. It is only for XBOX.

  28. stacy says:


  29. seamonkey says:

    here are codes: if900hp= almost every thing, trgtexc= a track and a minigame

  30. seamonkey says:

    help mine wont let play story mode i tried cleaning it

  31. marsmaster says:

    hey every body! great job on everything here! this stuff helped me win the game!

  32. marsmaster says:

    thanks i know the codes!

    that really helps!

  33. carmania2277 says:

    Again, this is only for GBA, but here are the other codes (all entered at the title screen): all tracks is “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A”. All cars is “right, down, right, B”. All paint jobs is “up, up, left, right, right, left, down, down”. Lastly, the code for all screenshots is “left, down, right, A”. One odd thing I found is that when I use any of the above mentioned, the game puts “Cheater” instead of the car used. LOL! Hope I helped!

  34. carmania2277 says:


    Anyway, to unlock a secret track on the GBA version, at the title screen, before pressing Start, press in this order Left, Left, Right, Right, B, B, A.

  35. I know the codes says:

    if you want all the paint jobs put in r4mone! This game is LOL!

  36. I know the codes says:

    Dear marsmaster,

    I,m helping! the code for a boost for ever is VROOOOM

  37. I know the codes says:

    The code for hard mode is CHMPION ok

  38. sally says:

    it is my favorite game ever

  39. marsmaster says:

    okay i need all the cheats for um gamecube so is someone helping?

  40. Robocop says:

    I can not find the last postcard of lizze`s. How do you find it!!!!

  41. fin43 says:

    ITS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. speed says:

    When you put in the code IF900HP it does not unlock everything. To unlock 2 new things called Mater’s Countdown Cleanup mini-game and Mater’s Speedy Circuit type in TRGTEXC

  43. Tails says:

    Its awesome.

  44. sk8terboi 8 says:

    these are cheats on XBOX ONLY.for the game CARS p.s go to options and select cheat!

    TO UNLOCK infinte boost type in VROOOOM

    TO UNLOCK all cars type in YAYCARS



  45. Nikko tha vish one says:

    mid night club 3 was so easy i think i beat it in 2 days me an my cousin are vish

  46. rockdrummer says:

    Wii need for speed underground two is a gazillion trillion million zillion bazillion times infinity times better than this! trust me i have both!

  47. rockdrummer says:

    this game is so boring and the cars are so slow! need for speed is a million times better!! p.s. if u want 2 talk 2 me post on rocket racer or snowboard slalom

  48. boyscoutfreak says:

    should meesa buy dis game or not? tell meesa now pleesa

  49. Lightning MQueen says:

    of course anonymous avoid any kind of sherch tip all trackters mater works good

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