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Treasure Planet

Do you have any secret codes?

Games Guru: These are the most useful codes for this game. At the main menu, press in the following:

  • R2, Left, Right, R1, L1, Up, Down, L2 to unlock all levels of the game.
  • L2, Square, L1, O, R2, Square, L1, O to make your characters invulnerable.
  • Square, L1, R1, Up, Circle, L2, R2, Down for infinite musket shot.

Comments about “Treasure Planet”

  1. Titanic! says:

    What are the codes for GBA, cause that is the version I have for the game.

  2. dvd says:

    where is the code slot

  3. Planetex says:

    Hey is the game for ps1 only?I have it.Very fun!You don’t like the movie you wont like the game.(NO LIE)

  4. erike22 says:

    how do you beat the 6 level!!

  5. gamer1101 says:

    THIS IS A GAME??!!!

  6. riolu says:

    im surprised anyone even plays this game

  7. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:

    every1 remember me??????????????????????well i have the best cheat ever i will telllu u in 1min

  8. yo mama (aka yayaya) says:

    ok to get the nuts of steel (real item)u must kill 5 peeps and when u face the spider thing and press triangle and volla u got the nuts of steel wanna get double steel ok the effect of nuts of steelis they shoot laser septeplit of steel kills peeps in 1 hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Masterzapper says:

    I keep going around in circles on the first planet it`s anoying!!!

  10. xxz says:

    so fun!!!!

  11. Dude1234567890 says:

    oh. Do you like this game

  12. oreus says:

    GOOD ANAMATEION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY FUN!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you can get it at staples…….I think…..

  13. Dude1234567890 says:

    Do they still sell this game?

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