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Paper Mario

How do you make that giant rock move so you can hit the star block in Chapter 2-3?

Games Guru: Have you given Mimi your Rupees on the first floor? Also, you need to use Pixl Slim to get the Star Block. Use him to pass through the bars and grab the Star Block.

How do you find Goldbob and General White in chapter 7 when you’re in Far Outpost? P.S. There might be a key that unlocks a building that I think Goldbob and the general are in. How do you find the key?

Games Guru: Goldbob is pretty easy. GoldBob is in front of the train station in Posheville. As for the general, find the last house on the right. Search inside and discover a sleeping Ba-Bomb. Keep jumping on him. That’s the general! However, before you are able to get in the house, you have to perform a series of tasks. If you haven’t already done so, start by talking to Koopa Troopa in the far West section of Petalburg.

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  1. Bowser 3000 says:

    Help! Can some1 please help me through Yold Ruins? ‘Cuz I got to the end but there is only a floatind door! I wend in to 3D and used Tippi’s power but I died! Please help get me through the entire thing because I had to do a really hard things. Please reply soon! :arrow: B 3000

  2. boom says:

    how do you beat the darkness queen

  3. shadows of almia says:

    im stuck on the shadow queen HELP!

  4. Boohead84 says:

    Does anyone know the exact location of the 4 Magical seeds in the places they are in?

  5. rasin23301 says:

    is there any cheats for this game

  6. justkindahere says:

    Okay so,
    i have been trying to solve Golbob’s trouble for like ever now. and i cant figure out how to open his house. can i get help with that?

  7. boohead84 says:

    2-2 tie in my voting please send more I need 8 more and you can vote for a second time if you already voted

  8. luigi says:

    lavaman6000: you can buy it on the wii shop channel.prince caspian: just hit each block once. boohead84: watt is the best member(duh!)

  9. superboy says:

    in reply to mr. bean: Find all the criminals in mimi’s place and talk to them. one of them will tell you the code into the gerbil generator rooms. go in there and flip to 3-d. find the criminal there and talk to him. he will tell you the code of the room on the very top floor. you need slim to get there. the room contains 1000 rubees.

  10. luigifreak says:

    mrbeanhead: you will need a new pixl, a few codes, and a bribe to get the 1,000,000 rubees you need. all in all you only need about 11,000? rubees, which isnt TOO bad once you hit the vip room. USE YOUR FLIP EVEREYWHERE!

  11. Mr. bean says:

    How do you get enough rubees to pass the level?

  12. Thandolwethu says:

    Where do you find the girl in the basement on chapter 2-4

  13. Boohead84 says:

    Finally I got a second vote the score is tied 1-1 please help me end this as quickly as possible. Please I only need 9 more votes

  14. lavaman6000 says:

    wat is the best member

  15. lavaman6000 says:

    hey boo where is the original paper i am in need of it badly please answer asap

  16. Boohead84 says:

    Come on people this is very simple please send me a vote its that easy either Boberry or wat I don’t care who wins I care about getting votes so please send 10 more votes

  17. prince caspian says:

    Hey people! On the Wii Paper Mario (Super Paper Mario) how do you make all the blocks light up?

  18. superdude says:

    how do you pass the part when you have to press the + and 1 buttons?

  19. Boohead84 says:

    Hey everyone the vote ended in a tie between Boberry and Wat and I need your help cast the last votes but there has to be at least 11 before next Monday before I decide the winner so far Boberry is winning 1-0 you can still vote MAY THE BEST CHARACTER WIN!!!!!!!!!!

  20. mariomaniac says:

    I think this should be called the “Super Paper Mario” page.

  21. lavaman6000 says:

    hey boo can you help me get mrs.mowz on paper mario the thousand year door

  22. lavaman6000 says:

    how do you get mrs.mowz

  23. lucia says:

    how do you get to chapter six on paper mario thousan year door

  24. #1starfoxfan says:

    I’d say Wat Boohead84, it seems to be the most powerful

  25. Redempshon nerd says:

    yo bro

  26. Boohead84 says:

    I have extented the vote to this friday or the friday after. MAY THE BEST CHARACTER WIN

  27. Maxamo says:

    I got this on the VC (Virtual console, from Wii) but I didn’t have enough space so I deleted it, and I’m trying to get it back, but I don’t know how to get it back while having an SD card in the Wii.

  28. cool man says:

    i can’t figure how to get to the game you sould really put that in your head

  29. Boohead84 says:

    Hey Everyone heres a question which Partner do you think is the best out of all the Paper Mario’s?






    Please cast your votes on this Paper Mario TTYD and I will find the winner Deadline to cast your vote is the 29th. MAY THE BEST CHARCTER WIN!!!

  30. Boohead84 says:

    Hey Everyone heres a question which character do you think is the best out of all the paper Mario’s?






    Please cast your votes on this Paper Mario TTYD and I will find the winner Deadline to cast your vote is the 29th. MAY THE BEST CHARCTER WIN!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    why don’t buy the third one?

  32. Paper Mr.Z says:

    I have all three games, beaten Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario, AND gotten to final chapter in thousand year door. This is the best game series ,and Thousand Year Door is Best Game Ever! All are replay able (I’ve Beaten the first game twice, on 2 different files, and created a second file on all games.

    Play Paper Mario.

  33. maxsteele2 says:

    Rupees? That’s from zelda.

  34. maxsteele2 says:


    You mean SUPER paper mario. The box art you showed is for the original N64 version (paper mario), not Wii version (super paper mario).

  35. mewtwo says:

    hey! i just got the games guru to answer my question!

  36. ksahfkjbfd says:

    I beat Paper Mario and Paper mario thosand year door

    both r awsome

    BUT DONT BUY THE THIRD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  37. boy65 says:

    How do you beat huff n puff?

  38. joeman says:

    this game is awesome

  39. cledis says:

    is it worth the money? cuze i want it!

  40. luigifan says:

    the shadow queen was fairly easy for me. i beat it on my first try. but if you had trouble with her dont fight boetail. but scince this is about paper mario i found lava pirahna very hard.

  41. stevey says:

    I beat the game

  42. matt says:

    paper mario is my most favorite guy in the whole world

  43. mya says:

    how to get the keys to the thousand year door

  44. FUNSICKEL99 says:


  45. luigifreak says:

    this is one of the harder paer mario games. i had trouble staying alive when the goomba king fought me lol!

  46. iruka sensei says:

    where can I get paper mario the thousand year door for gamecube cheap in alma arkansas

  47. Kologuy says:

    Lol! I like Mario!

  48. caykgdrkeq says:

    it is easy

  49. luigi says:

    Whoever posted this, its in paper mario: the thousand year door, not the first one!

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