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Paper Mario

How do you make that giant rock move so you can hit the star block in Chapter 2-3?

Games Guru: Have you given Mimi your Rupees on the first floor? Also, you need to use Pixl Slim to get the Star Block. Use him to pass through the bars and grab the Star Block.

How do you find Goldbob and General White in chapter 7 when you’re in Far Outpost? P.S. There might be a key that unlocks a building that I think Goldbob and the general are in. How do you find the key?

Games Guru: Goldbob is pretty easy. GoldBob is in front of the train station in Posheville. As for the general, find the last house on the right. Search inside and discover a sleeping Ba-Bomb. Keep jumping on him. That’s the general! However, before you are able to get in the house, you have to perform a series of tasks. If you haven’t already done so, start by talking to Koopa Troopa in the far West section of Petalburg.

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  1. why don’t buy the third one?

  2. I have all three games, beaten Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario, AND gotten to final chapter in thousand year door. This is the best game series ,and Thousand Year Door is Best Game Ever! All are replay able (I’ve Beaten the first game twice, on 2 different files, and created a second file on all games.

    Play Paper Mario.

  3. Rupees? That’s from zelda.

  4. Oops!

    You mean SUPER paper mario. The box art you showed is for the original N64 version (paper mario), not Wii version (super paper mario).

  5. hey! i just got the games guru to answer my question!

  6. sports

  7. I beat Paper Mario and Paper mario thosand year door

    both r awsome

    BUT DONT BUY THE THIRD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. How do you beat huff n puff?

  9. this game is awesome

  10. is it worth the money? cuze i want it!

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