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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

How do you evolve yourself and your partner? Also, how do you get ALL of the Legendaries? Thank you.

Games Guru: This would take a very long time to answer since there are 33 Legendaries in  the game. Usually, you can find them wandering the floors of various dungeons, but you need a special item to find them. Regarding evolving, you have to defeat Palvia for a second time to evolve your starters. That doesn’t happen until you beat Dark Crater, near the end of the game.

What’s with team raider on the beach after you unlock marine resort?

Games Guru: I know at one point Team Raider is on the beach because they rescued Dugtrio from the water. Otherwise they just sort of hang out. It’s a beach, after all!

How do you get the top screen adjustment on Explorers of Time?

Games Guru: Changing what is displayed on the top screen is done in the options. Just bring up the menu screen, choose “Others” then “Options.” The second option on the list is called “Top screen.” Then simply choose what you would the top screen to display.

How do I recruit Darkrai? I went back and he isn’t there. And what do I do after I beat Darkrai?

Games Guru: First complete a random mission to obtain a Mystery Part or Secret Slab. Put this item in your inventory and go to Mystifying Forest floor 13, Miracle Sea floor 3, Lower Crevasse Cave floor 2, Mt Travail floor 17, or Spacial Rift floor 14. Darkrai will be on the floor somewhere. If you defeat it and it doesn’t join, it will not respawn until the dungeon is exited and re-entered.

There is only one more story event after defeating Darkrai. Simply complete random missions for a few days to get the last event.

What happens after you get the Lucario rank? I already know I can get to a higher rank, but I’m just stuck!

Games Guru: Ranks are increased by taking random missions off the Job Bulletin Board or Outlaw Board. Master Rank is the highest attainable rank.

Could you tell me how many floors dark crater has?

Games Guru: 29 floors, plus the Dark Crater Pit.


Comments about “Pokemon Mystery Dungeon”

  1. ShadowTheDuck says:

    I may have commented here a while ago under a different nickname (Technolord). If I did, I’m back, if I didn’t … well, hi then. I can answer any questions about this game.

    • PiplupAttack!!! says:

      I am stuck on the Part of that game when your trying to catch up to grovyle. i cant get past that cave! help me please!!

  2. damanlyguy says:

    i am stuck on darkrai
    any tips?

    p.s. any of you go on roblox? i go by damanlyguy there as well

    • Omega Knight says:

      I could help you. Oh, yeah, I commented a while back as Lucario. I think. Anyway, damanlyguy, you need to tell me what you and your partner are, what moves you know and what possible items you can use. (excluding orbs)

  3. sonicboom says:

    GameManiac, I think I can help you. I have explorers of time/darkness. I am not sure if I have the same game as you, but I got a lot of x-eye seeds, and went so there was one space in between me and Dialga. Then Dialga would come one space closer. Then I would chuck a x-eye seed every few turns and KO him. no reviver seeds required, although you may want to bring a few anyway. That’s the best I can help you. P.S. you may want to know that dungeons time and darkness are mostly the same.

  4. torterra21 says:

    Does anyone know any Wonder-Mail S codes? I would be gratefull if someone would tell me the Wonder-Mail S code for battling Gabite’s dungeon and find the Gabite’s Scale, or a different codes. PS: Does anyone have any information on battling and recruiting Legendarys on different floors of different dungeons? Thanks. :)

  5. Blaziken86 says:

    Oh, I have a nasty trick to tell you people. I stole an item from a Kecleon, than used a pure seed to get away!

  6. Blaziken86 says:

    Hello! I am not getting much free time lately. Henceforth, the last questions I will answer are ones already on here as I am typing this. I am still on here, but ask someone else. Thanks!

  7. Zekrom says:

    Anybody know some wonder mail codes?

  8. lucario says:

    If Anyone has a question ask me.

    P.S. Team Starfire RULES!

  9. Who's YOUR treeko says:

    Take this!

    My main team, Team Hoenn Stars:
    Sceptile LV100
    Blaziken lv 100
    Swampert LV100
    Swellow LV:100
    Gardevior LV:100
    Hariama: LV:100

  10. GameManiac says:

    I need help with Dialgia. I am a Lv.41 Totodile and my partner is a Lv.41 Picachu.

  11. blue says:


  12. teem pokemon says:

    help i can not beat dusknar

  13. wierdo says:

    I am almost the same as blaziken 86 I only need regice and lugia PS how many of you tried to recriut lugia over 10 times

  14. team extreme says:

    i rock tho i cant get 6 of the tresures i only got groudon one and i was tryin to get darkrie so i went to sea and had no escape orbs and i lost the mystery part sadley il tell bout mi team soon k

  15. Blaziken86 says:

    I hope no one forgot about me. In explorers of sky I am GUILDMASTER rank, no joke. I have every 7 treasure, recruited entei, raikou and suicune, gotten most other legendaries, and beat the game. Don’t you forget it.

  16. Team Lifetime says:

    My partner evolved but i cant! Can u tell me what i have to do to evolve?? I didnt knew i could cuz the voice of the spring said i couldnt do it becouse a distortion (explorers of darkness)… But i tried later n my partner did! I have palkia, dialga n cresselia as team… Ok ok xd help please!! Oh and somebody knows what we have to do with the… Arg i dont remember xd but its a golden trieangle and description says it holds a secret. Theres too smtg like it but its a.. Stone table?? Xd sorry i havent played for a while

  17. bob says:

    i cant beat the guild my team is mudkip lv:69 bulbasaur lv:69 i can take out all members exept wigglypuff plz help

  18. lucario says:


  19. Dc says:

    Okay I have beaten darkrai and I didn’t look at the beach the first day I was able to go to the beach and I can’t get manaphy to join my team so I can evolve my starting pokemon and I have gotten palkia

  20. jolt says:

    what do you do after you save manaphy?

  21. wierdo says:

    my new high damage= 5493 or 5394 ps: to get what i got be a fire final starterblast burn space globe on person that evolves before parascect

  22. funkymusic says:

    I need to know : how to obtain suicune in final maze

    • lucario says:

      Suicune? Is that what you said? Dude, i’ve been in that maze like, a THOUSAND times, and i have not heard of that being possible. I only got suicune because he challenged me. No joke.

  23. zeldagirl64 says:

    on sky of course

  24. zeldagirl64 says:

    Me= Espeon lv. 100, max stats
    my partner= Lucario lv. 100 max stats
    others= Heatran lv. 100 max stats, and shamin lv. 100 max stats all with kick butt moves without cheats!

  25. Anonymous says:

    me = blaziken lv 100
    friend = luxray lv 100
    others = mewtwo&darkrai lv 100

  26. wierdo says:

    What is the most damage U dealt Mine=1523

  27. Turtwig that can't think of a good nickname says:

    What’s your Team? Mine’s is a turtwig and mudkip

  28. Treeckoman says:

    heh heh heh! Drowzee is hard to beat? no way! he is like the easyist boss!

  29. wierdo says:

    I got every legendary except 4 lugia, (tried 10 times) giratina(3) and regice (probably can) XD

  30. wierdo says:

    I reccomed using rotom, spiritomb, solrock, or lunatone for the dungeons that make U lv. 1 (fore total

  31. zeldagirl64 says:

    charizard101: Drowsee is tough to beat. You should have moves like discharge and Vacumn Cut handy. You also should stock up on stun, and reviver seeds. They can help turn the tide of the battle! I hope this has been helpful.

  32. Pedro says:


  33. charizard101 says:

    i cannot get past drowzee. he keeps using confusion and beating me! help!

    • Pedro says:

      Always have a Pecha Scarf. They protect you from confusion for 1 dungeon.

      • lucario says:

        Hey, have you all seen the commercial for Explorers of sky, Right? so how the HECK do you get Giratina on your team?!

  34. Pedro says:

    Hey, is it just me or does Turtwig’s Absorb work miracles on Rock and Fighting in Mt. Bristle? I took down several Machop and even more Geodude with 1-hit KOs of over 50 or 60 damage!

  35. Bobomb says:

    Special Room Alert! When taking missions that say that there is a golden chainber, have a ghose type pokemon. There is an area with a rare item on the chainber floor. It might be suronded with something like water, go through it there is the item. Dig might work. I have only seen a chainber once. good luck.

  36. kjhkihighiugh says:

    no nothing just a dugeon

  37. pokefreind says:

    What do I do next? I already found team raider on the beach & is master rank.

  38. pokeman says:

    what do you do next because i found the 7 tresures and i talked to team raider they tolled me about the saved diglett that was not important

  39. super mario says:

    Poll: Who’s your favorite legendary beast?


    Post your answers on the Pokemon Platinum board. Poll ends on April 13.

  40. squirtlelover says:

    How do you get past the part when the guild battles you?

    My team is Charmander Lv. 59
    Mudkip Lv. 60

    • kjhkihighiugh says:

      a lot of reviver seeds

    • wierdo says:

      Here is a list of the pokemon U face in the clearing and thier levels.
      Wigglytuff lv. 50
      Chatot lv. 45
      loudred & guild crew lv. 35
      throw a seed at wigglytuff so it is out of action, next take out chatot, loudred, and sunflora then mop the floor up with the rest of the guild except 4 wigglytuff concentrate on him after the rest of the pokemon aer gone.

  41. kilam says:

    on pokemon mistery dungen sky where can you find pachirisu?????????

  42. Anonymous says:

    I beat the game, guys!

  43. josh says:

    when does team raider get away from the beach

  44. joe says:

    ok how do u get to solar cave?

  45. team tabogo says:

    what’s the best pokemon to use in order to complete destiny tower?

    • lucario says:

      I have the same problem. Im a Lucario (Though it dosnt seem to help) but the farthest ive gotten is BF12. Can someone give us some strategies?

  46. pokemon master says:


  47. pokemon master says:

    GUYS LOL on this one it took me a year to beat it ok>

  48. Army says:

    HELP!I can not beat dialga!I am a turtwig,and i keep fainting!

  49. gggggggg says:

    when i go to marine resort manphy is not there

  50. joe says:

    could you tell me everything about southern cave

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