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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

I am stuck on e4. How do I pass it?

Games Guru: You haven’t told me where  you’re stuck, so here’s a video of the full level to watch:

I finished level d-1 of Secret Mine in 6:45, lost 60 some hearts, and caught like 10 ghosts, but only have one star. How do I get more?

Games Guru: Good question! For three starts, you need to get 12 ghosts and lose fewer hearts and more than 1900 gold. You should aim to get no less than -30 health.

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14 Comments on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

  1. im stuck on the first mansion confront the sourse HELP:[

  2. my friend beat the whole game less than 1 week

  3. I have to tell you this is fun

  4. Ops!!! Made a mistake in my last comment! ( boos AND gems ) Hope it din’t confuse anyone! XD

  5. Beat the game! Just Lookn’ for boos gems! (Gems Are Hard :[ … ) 8D 8D 8D

  6. I am stuck on E-4. I keep running out of time.

    • Yeah, I know. That one’s hard. The main trick is to use your map. Also use all the portals provided.

    • On e-4 ,once you launch big boo into the steam drill,it will split up . use dark-light device to reveal the smaller boos, then launch each boo indivisiualy into the cage on the steam drill big pulling their tongue you would get a call on the DS. answer and get pixelated back to the Bunker

    • I am stuck on e4. how do I pass?

  7. I love your game!

  8. i want it

  9. I cant pass d3 and I know I just die

  10. I am stuck on d3

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