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Kirby: Super Star Ultra

Comments about “Kirby: Super Star Ultra”

  1. Steve says:

    Just play like you nevered played before;-)

  2. Kirambo says:

    I think you just need practice. I defeated them in the first try, but it was hard to beat Marx Soul and Galactia Knight, and I tasted victory. With the perfect combo, like Knuckle Joe and Suplex, or Hammer, or Ninja, and with enough practice, I think you can win. I’ve also tried millions of times to beat the arena, but never did. But I’ll keep on pushing, like you should too.

  3. Sen~or Steve Rocket says:

    I dont have it but Ive played it. I like mirror GO GIM!

  4. SP_ace says:

    Use the hammer. I’ve tested it and it is the copy ability with the highest damage output
    surplus works well to but on bosses… not so much

  5. Megaman's #1 fan says:

    Try using a powerful ability like fighter

  6. potato says:

    That was me who asked that, I use rock Kirby.

  7. big pants says:

    i have never played it but i love kirby super star

  8. DarkLord says:

    I use the rock ability. It makes you invincible when in rock mode!

  9. White Knight says:

    Always chose hammer as your weapon at the beginning. From there, it’s just time and practice. As someone who has beaten the True Arena numerous times, I can say “Repetitio mater studiorum.” which is Latin for “Repetition is the mother of learning.” In other words, just keep on fighting, soldier! Hoo-rah!

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