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Bionicle: The Game

In the second tahu level, is half the screen supposed to be blocked out?

Games Guru: I don’t think so. There were a lot of problems with the first Bionicle game. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this happened. The best of the series is Bionicle Heroes for the DS and Game Boy Advance.

In the tahu level, how do you get past the Bohrok at the end?

Games Guru: There are actually two Tahu levels. I’ll take you through the first one.

The Bohrok are pretty nasty because they swarm. Notice that they shoot all at once, mostly energy disks, but sometimes lasers. Get out of the way and target any one Bohrok. Each enemy has to be shot about four times before dying. Take them out one by one and you’ll be rewarded with a pretty cool movie.

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  1. knothead says:

    I am stuck at the Gali Nuva level with the borak-kal with the water drain. I get how to defeat them but I run out of lifes. Any cheat codes?

  2. NuvaBlaster says:

    The Main Theme from this game is way epic!

  3. marioluigi says:

    on my computer when i start it there is a gray bar on the bottom and when i play the game it quits what do i do

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