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I am having a very hard time clearing Mission Mode. Do you know any codes?

Games Guru: This truly is the hardest of all the modes. There are no codes. You just have to finish all 30 quests as they ask you to. As you complete each mission, you’ve probably gotten some cool icons. The best is in Mission 28, an old smiling man with glasses.

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  1. bergman54 says:

    :) ya! this game is just awsome

  2. Titanic! says:

    I used Action Replay for this game, but the codes that are for it won’t work. Can someone help meh out?

  3. pip says:

    mmm, solitare is tricky. you have to get a good deal to actualy beat it. my advice(i rock at solitare) is to just use the cards on the bottom until u have to use the ones on the top.

  4. noob77 says:

    im stuck on solitare on stamp mode. any hints?

  5. Jedi says:

    You have to enter the game into the action replay and then all of the codes wil come to you like magic!

  6. Xterminator says:

    I’m going to start hacking my games some more, so if I can I’ll release some codes that work on WiFi. then you can all wreak havoc and make rule-abiding players want to find and destroy every AR on earth. Or maybe I won’t find any codes. either way, it’s fun for me.

  7. Guest says:

    Actually, for my game the cheats don’t work.
    I’ve tried all the buttons and junk and it still doesn’t do anything (including AR)

  8. Xterminator says:

    not supposed to tell people about the AR? hee hee

  9. wat up says:

    cool game

  10. good boy says:

    Clubhouse Games is so cool!!!! do you play runeskape?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Clubhouse Games is so cool!!!! do you play runeskape?

  12. foow says:

    my name on runscape is 00nightsteel

  13. hi says:

    hi my name on rune scape is 00nightsteel

  14. foow says:

    yes he can

  15. nvncyvthb says:

    loffa, your not suppose to tell people about the ar

  16. loofa says:

    there are cheats

    its called an action replay

    use it to get through everything

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