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Skylanders Giants

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  1. giants says:

    im on chapter 15 and have 3 giants

  2. video game champion says:

    I love to play this game. I’m on Kaos’s castle. It seems impossible!!!

  3. mini pichu says:

    I have eyebrawl with a pumpkin on his head

  4. skylanders super fan : ] says:


  5. Jowe says:

    I have the game but I did the whole game. I need to upgrade my guys.

  6. Cena Rules says:

    I am the BIGGEST fan in the Univerese [I mean it im the BIGGIEST fan]!

  7. master jonathan says:

    i am the biggest fan

  8. dj says:

    skylanders giants is cool becuse you get to use the giants and the little skylanders and you can upgrade

  9. Portal master says:

    Maybe I can help. Are you stuck on collections, (the third star), completion (the second), or both?

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