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Skylanders Giants

How do you get 3 stars on the first level?

Games Guru: Getting three stars on the levels is complicated, but it does give your character help to level up. You need Skylanders of every element to access all the gates in the level to help get you those three stars.

Comments about “Skylanders Giants”

  1. giants says:

    im on chapter 15 and have 3 giants

  2. video game champion says:

    I love to play this game. I’m on Kaos’s castle. It seems impossible!!!

  3. mini pichu says:

    I have eyebrawl with a pumpkin on his head

  4. skylanders super fan : ] says:


  5. Jowe says:

    I have the game but I did the whole game. I need to upgrade my guys.

  6. Cena Rules says:

    I am the BIGGEST fan in the Univerese [I mean it im the BIGGIEST fan]!

  7. master jonathan says:

    i am the biggest fan

  8. dj says:

    skylanders giants is cool becuse you get to use the giants and the little skylanders and you can upgrade

  9. Portal master says:

    Maybe I can help. Are you stuck on collections, (the third star), completion (the second), or both?

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