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I would like to know the answer to Stop N Swop (if there is an answer), the mystery eggs and the ice key. What do they mean and do in Banjo-Kazooie? I know they do something in the sequel Banjo-Tooie but what do they do in Banjo-Kazooie?

Games Guru: Ah, the mysterious Stop ‘N’ Swop. The feature was never really finished when Rare added it to the game. So while they said at the end of the game that you could link to the sequel, you really can’t. Plus, the items can only be retrieved by using codes. You were supposed to be able to bring the eggs to a hen to hatch. And the ice key was supposed to open an ice vault with a special item inside. You would have been able to swap both game cartridges to use these items in the second game. But this was never implemented, perhaps because of limitations in the Nintendo 64 system.

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  1. ShrewManChew says:

    To unlock some hilarious cheat codes go to Banjo’s house and stand on the rug then hit the look button and look at the picture of bottles (try only on Nintendo64 because of reason of losing notes)

  2. ShrewManChew says:

    More codes
    Extra health
    Unlock passages blocked by cobwebs

  3. superscout3 says:

    I have the original game for the nintendo 64

    • ShrewManChew says:

      Me to and the letter for the codes don’t make a sound but here’s a code to get the ice key
      ps: no spaces required.

  4. : ) smily : ) says:

    give the bear lots of air cheats

  5. Anonymous says:

    i love it : )

  6. in perl says:

    ha ha you stick your head in the wall!!!!!!!! ha ha

  7. luke says:

    sweet game

  8. Gamer 113 says:

    I like Banjo and Kazooie better than Banjo Tooie

  9. Gamer 113 says:

    I’ve beaten the game 100% all jigies all notes P.S. make sure you have 98 jigsaw pieces and notes when you get to dingpot you get red honey combs(double life)

  10. meta527 says:

    I love this game! Though it’s too… weird at times.

  11. bkboy says:

    Best. Game. Ever.

  12. ChiliDog says:

    Banjo and Kazooie is one of the best games ever!

  13. puplecorn says:

    i LOVE banjo and kazooie 1,2 and 3 :)

  14. Alexker1 says:

    Whoops! You stand on a box in the tray first. LOL

  15. zelda101 says:

    man this is like the best game ever, besides zelda

  16. Alexker1 says:

    Banjo and Kazooie, nuts and bolts for XBOX 360, you can jump on the cart vehicle and levitate it. Then you can fly. It’s tricky keeping your balance, but you get places fast.

  17. banjokazooierules! says:

    when i enter codes on the XBLA version in tresure trove cove bottles says he will erase my game. Is this true? i dont want to erase my game! if anybody knows how to get past this please reply!

    • clone5184 says:

      In order to get past the “Game Pak” erasing, you enter two codes, leave the sndcastle, go back inside, and repeat those steps untillyou have all the codes entered.

  18. posiedon says:

    I have every single thing in this game!!! Get it if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. poke says:

    wow this game was made a long time ago and still many people {including me} still think is fun.

  20. Gameboy says:

    This game is so much fun… not as good as the sequel though LOl

  21. FF7fan says:

    If you have Banjo and Kazzoie: Nuts and Bolts. And Banjo and Kazzoie and Banjo Tooie For Xbox live you can do Stop ‘N’ Swop. I believe this is true

  22. harv says:

    I realy like the game because banjo can swim

  23. mariomario54321rules says:

    i had the game but we sold our n64:(

  24. someone says:

    If you use too many(3)of grunty’s illigil Cheats you will face Grunty’s Code Vegenance.It is when Grunty DELETES your file.Cheats involvoling stop n swop are not illigil.Cheats given by bottles or Cheato aren’t illigal either.Cheats that open note doors or levels ARE illigal.

  25. yayo says:

    to camaro:if you go in the sand castle and ground pound the letters in the right order so it says CHEAT NOW YOU CAN SEE A NICE ICE KEY WHICH YOU CAN HAVE FOR FREE.Then go to the snow level in Wozza’s cave where a transparent unbreakable wall was before.It shoud be gone and if you go behind were it was and keep going,you shoud see the ice key.It dosen’t have any function in Banjo Kazooie. :lol:

  26. camaro says:

    I need cheats for Banjo_Kazooie for nintendo 64

  27. Alter says:

    Banjo-Kazooie was a great game series. It’s too bad that Ninteno sold Rare to Microsoft. Microsoft just ruined the games.

  28. N64 lover says says:

    N64 is the best system ever! :D

  29. Ice Key Kirby says:

    I have all the stop and swop items, But i have not beaten the game. Can you give me some tips for the grunty battle?

    PS this game ROCKS!

  30. smallz says:

    i have the game and the second but ive only beaten the first 1

  31. video master says:

    Banjo-kazooie is awsome!!! I have got all the secret eggs and the Ice Key!!!!

  32. Dpaniel says:

    Stop n Swap began as an idea to somehow link the two games: You would get the SNS in Kazooie and then get something special in Tooie.
    However, RARE, the game publisher abandoned the idea, so no.

    That applies to the N64 version.

    The downloadable version of B+K off of X Box live also has stop n swap, and getting those gives you secret machine parts in Nuts and Bolts, which is only for XBox

  33. Jlee says:

    cool game

  34. eagleorbust says:

    yo luigi,

    i have this game AND banjo-tooie!!!

  35. kilman951 says:

    I have the game and it rocks. I already saved tooty and I have to beat the which. I already know how I just keep dieing on the last part.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I love this game! :D It is awesome. The N64 Is one of the best systems ever!

  37. Waluigi time! says:

    I rented this game once. It wasn’t very impressive.

    • heybro says:

      this is fun, but its hard to catch on to. i see where your coming from.the second one is much better. the third one is trash though. microsoft tottally screwed the idea of banjo kazzooie up.turning an action adventure game into a racing game that is worse than hydro thunder but with the same concept never got any game company anywhere.

  38. Elekid & Shaymin & Ditto says:

    It’s really sad….. This page hasn’t changed in a while…………

  39. Silver Spiker says:


  40. kino.S says:

    this game was really great! Ya know, if they kept going by making more sequels and things like that faster than they are now, Banjo would be up there with Sonic and Link!

  41. chargers fan101 says:

    Banjo-Kazooie was a great game and still is now.

  42. Ducklover8 says:

    This is an awesome video game.

  43. gamer1101 says:

    what a funny video game title! :) LOL

  44. saman says:

    Ah… good ol Banjo and kazooi, my first vidio game, how I love those two games…

  45. luigi says:

    doesn’t anyone have the game?

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