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Pokemon Gold

How do you get past the weird, shaky, orb leafed tree? It doesn’t bother me when I leave violet city, but it keeps bothering me when I go to the city with burned tower and tin tower.

Games Guru: I’m not sure which tree you mean and exactly where it is. But, there’s a weird tree that you use Squirtbottle on. Then, it turns into SudoWoodo. Save the game before you get here. You have only one chance to capture the illusive SudoWoodo, which gives you the ability of Rock Smash.

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  1. another thing when your pokemon is evolving and you dont want it to press the b button and it won’t evolve how sweet is that ……………………………………………………………………….. …….. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . I love to hack :) :( :|

  2. I admit it, I use the internet also

  3. sorry I forgot to tell you that you can get any pokemon with the modifire and when you are in the grass hold the r button another example always used on youtube is 493 -342=151 (mews pokedex number) and hold r when you are walking until part of the the screen flashes another thing is all of the pokemon you run into will be on lv. 98 !!

  4. If any of you want to know about pokemon yellow fell free to ask me also If any of you have an action replay and want sweet pokemon pearl codes here are some:pokemon modifire (press lr ra go to trainer card press xabb go to bag there will be 493 master balls ) take away 1 and you will run into a shaymin. heres the code:940000130 fdff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 94000130 feff0000 00000890 01ed005d d0000000 00000000 da000000 00000892 c0000000 0000000b 0002461c 00000062 d7000000 00024620 dc000000 00000006 d2000000 00000000. hope you like it and happy hacking:) :( :|

  5. Salamance101 I knew everything you knew about pokemon platium you did :) did you know the new forms of rotom are everyday items for example fire type rotom is a microwave !!


  7. Awesome!!!

    Platinum’s out now really?

  8. Terminator,

    No, It didn’t, (well, not in america) I was thinking about a forum where people could talk about it before it came out. :| :roll:

  9. To Tomare!,

    Simple, I research. And i read. :roll: :mrgreen:

  10. To ssbb guy,

    Yes, i already know about shadows of almia. Pokemon platnium will be another game in the sinnoh reigon. The only new pokemon are the new rotom forms, Giratina origin forme and shaymin sky form. There is also going to be a battle frontier in platnium. Giratina is the mascot for this game.

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