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Pokemon Gold

How do you get past the weird, shaky, orb leafed tree? It doesn’t bother me when I leave violet city, but it keeps bothering me when I go to the city with burned tower and tin tower.

Games Guru: I’m not sure which tree you mean and exactly where it is. But, there’s a weird tree that you use Squirtbottle on. Then, it turns into SudoWoodo. Save the game before you get here. You have only one chance to capture the illusive SudoWoodo, which gives you the ability of Rock Smash.

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  1. To Super Sonic,
    Well you can find the shiny garydose in the lake of rage. The other shiny pokemon are all up to luck, you might run into them randomly but the odds are 1 in 8192, I my self have never ran into one after playing 6 diffrent games several times through.

  2. My top five is Mewtwo,Heatran,Deoxys,Arceus,and Darkrai. (Sorry,no Shaymin here.)

  3. eftguhvr5vfbtrfck // December 7, 2008 at 7:21 pm // Reply

    the four something has a regigegas ,try it……..

  4. To Jacko,
    Well if you have never played pokemon before I would suggest choosing cyndaquil, it is the easiest starter. Some other advice is to keep your team at the same level and to have a team of diffrent types. If you get stuck feel free to ask me for help.

  5. OK froggy15, tell me how to do it! P.S. I like the shiny gyarados better because it’s strong! LOL!

  6. To anyone:

    I just got this game. Does anyone have some advice?

  7. To sky shaymin,
    People come and go…Top ten…that’s tough….maybe top five. Mine would be Mew, Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Suicune, and Entie.

  8. To guy piont23255 gamer,
    Surf east of new bark town and you will end up in the Kanto region, the eltie four is in the same spot as the old games but you are taking a diffrent route to get there.

  9. to froggy15,First of all,what happened to vaporeon 4 ever?Second, I need your opinion for the top ten legindaries.Get people to vote too.

  10. guy piont23255 gamer // December 3, 2008 at 7:21 pm // Reply

    how do u get to the elite 4 in jonto?

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