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Pirate 101

I’m saving up 100,000 gold coins to buy the house: Sharpshooters citadel, but so far I only have 8,726! Do you have any tips for getting money faster?

Games Guru: One of the deals with many online games is that they are free to play, but they want you to buy things to proceed more quickly in the game. So, unless you buy, you’ll have to grind your way slowly to your goal of 100,000 crowns. And don’t fall for the online scams that offer “Free Crowns.” You might get a computer virus!

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  1. sp52 says:

    I read somewhere that Friar ? In Mooshu is great, especially if you have a full house with 3 other players. The gold adds up very quickly.

  2. in the house says:

    some boss are easy other macho hard

  3. austin deathspear says:

    guys do you know how to find the presido in the presido

  4. Teh chompy luvah says:

    Try to find me as funny blake barclay, level 58 witchdoctor

  5. fartman235 says:

    sell a but load of your stuff like i did on wizard 101 get ride of things u cant use and things u don’t like then u should have like 300,000 coins very very very fast!!!!!!!!!

  6. mkasl says:

    Pirate 101 takes your idinteity\

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