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Age of Empires 1: Gold Edition

Are there any codes to make gameplay easier (like unlimited resources, stronger units, etc.)?

Games Guru: Press enter and type these for a little help:

Instant building: type steroids

Win scenario: type home run

Rocket launcher car: type bigdaddy

Everyone dies: type diediedie

Full map: type reveal map

Increased catapult range and effect: type bigbertha

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10 Comments on Age of Empires 1: Gold Edition

  1. Like try these and type them in exakt kk?
    OK for 1000 wood enter “woodstock”for 1000 food enter “pepperoni pizza”kinda funny huh anyway for 1000 gold enter “coinage” and for 1000 stone enter “quarry”o and you got to try this “bigdaddy” im not telling what it does but youll like it!

  2. Yea i like sending 5 people to do one of averything then if i feel like it ill gat more people on one thing P.S. i got all the cheat codes so i own badly on gold lol.

  3. yeah,I have it.

  4. listen everione: YOU ARE THE CHET IN PERSON.

  5. it’s a chet

  6. Silver Spiker // October 31, 2008 at 5:28 pm // Reply

    Froggy15, I agree with you. Only 4 comments(if this is posted)will be on this.

  7. Yeah this is really sad that no one has posted anything….

  8. Silver Spiker // October 27, 2008 at 4:39 pm // Reply

    Doesn’t anyone have this?

  9. I never played 1, I started playing AOE with the 2nd one, conquers expansion. In fact it was the first computer game I played, I wish they still had multiplayer open…

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