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Kerbal Space Program

I can’t seem to get my rocket into orbit. How do you do it?

Games Guru: First, you have to fly over 70,000m to achieve orbit. Also:
1. Launch straight up until you achieve 10km
2. Adjust Pitch to 45° east. The engines should stay on — until your Apoapsis is above 70km
3. Adjust your pitch to horizontal shortly before you reach the Apoapsis
4. Burn at Apoapsis until your Periapsis is above 70km

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  1. The Real Guru says:

    Actually, going straight up will decrease the efficiency of your orbit. You want to do a 90° gravity turn by the time you hit 80,000m. Think of it as an arc though, not a sudden turn. Arc your way to victory!

  2. spy says:

    how do I get this game

  3. gamerboy12124 says:

    I have ksp and so many youtubers do it and one tip that i learned was that one of the most efficient ways to get to the mun is use the asparagus form which is putting liquid fuel engines in a formation (use the #5 symmetry) and keep building out. It is a great way to get to far away places.:)

  4. dirt_block_82 says:

    Are there any banner ads or malware in the full version? If not, how much is it, and how do you install it on windows?

  5. t-minus says:

    How do you rendezvous and dock?

  6. bobmcbob says:

    how do i get this game on a mac

  7. mattew says:

    I love you

  8. ladk;sgjfhksd says:

    you go straight up and then gently to a side slowly and eventualy go at 90 degrees sidways. you do need a powerful rocket

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