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Zoids: Battle Legends

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Save to get the ultra z it makes any zoid good I have the game 10 times in less than an hour and the super large zoids even look seem like little ants

  2. bbng1396 says:

    Ihad a friend who had a zoids game he also whtched the shows. I sall them too and I was almost unstopable!!!

  3. j-bird says:

    How can i get a stelth viper on zoids battle legends

  4. puerto rico* says:

    how do you beat mission 13 on empire side

  5. killa32 says:

    Zoids is cool and ive beat the game like 40 times

  6. boom boom says:

    how do u beat last lvl

  7. Psychicmaster666 says:

    No body can kill me in Zoidz because I play with the best poeple on earth and also i can get on top of all the objects that nobody can get to

  8. king says:

    how do you beat mission 13 on the empire side

  9. norbit says:

    i just cant figure out how to beat mission 6 i keep dying

    i try to use walkthroughs but they dont seem to work

    any tips

  10. darius says:

    try using older zoid for some missions it helps out if you need a quick lay out the whats going to happen

  11. Long says:

    I think zoids is not all that nice because how wants to be robat animals

  12. ? says:

    to ecape the tera giest base just run on the inside of the walls until you find an opening

  13. Anonymous says:

    the tera giest base is easy you just run around the inside of the walls until you find an open gate

  14. CP says:

    I used to whatch this show on TV when i was 6 but know they cansuled it does anyone know why?

  15. josh says:

    having trouble beating the mission on the empire side where you have to escape from the tere giest base how do i unlock the doors i need help

  16. robo cup winner says:

    I use to watch this show well till it got cut off t.v. here or was it over can’t remember that long ago good game

  17. Halo 35. says:

    Hi sack

    I mean ”nic777”

  18. ????? says:

    nice spelling

    just jockin

  19. nic777 says:

    I have beated the game and i still can’t the best zoid in the game but i over 2,000,000$

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