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Lego Batman

Where is the red brick in mission 3, chapter 1 on the super hero levels?

Games Guru: This video should help you out.

How do you get the minikit in level one of episode one at the garage blocked by toxic waste?

Games Guru: Use a character with toxic resistance. He can walk past the spillage and build the truck. Drive the truck out of the way. Talk to the guard near the hidden hatch. Use the Riddler to open the doors on the right.


Games Guru:

Unlock Every Character: Press X, Up, B, Down, Y, Left, Start, Right, R, R, L, R, R, Down, Down, Up, Y, Y, Y, Start, then Select.

Unlock Every Episode and Free Play Mode: Press Right, Up, R, L, X, Y, Right, Left, B, L, R, L, Down, Down, Up, Y, Y, X, X, B, B, Up, Up, L, R, Start, then Select.

Unlock Every Extra: Press Up, Down, L, R, L, R, L, Left, Right, X, X, Y, Y, B, B, L, Up, Down, L, R, L, R, Up, Up, Down, Start, then Select.

How do I get past Mr. Freeze? The cannon in the back of the area is not available to build. Is it a glitch? Please tell me what to do.

Games Guru: You need to build that cannon! It’s available once Mr. Freeze jumps up to a platform with a red background. Once the pieces appear, jump on the orange valve (it looks like a mushroom) three times. That fires the cannon and makes Mr. Freeze come back down. Then, you’ll need to change to Robin to continue the battle.

I was wondering what the codes and tips were. I’ve tried almost every reference and methods of trying to place the codes but they never enter. I don’t know how to get real fast money or any actual working codes, and it’s frustrating me!!! And how can I get the red hood for free play?

Games Guru: I don’t know about the Red Hood. As far as I know, you have to complete all episodes to unlock Free Play. Regarding codes, enter the codes at the computer in the Batcave or in Arkham Asylum at the hacked computer. Here are a few:

– Always Score Multiply: 9LRGNB
– Area Effect (Sonic suit): TL3EKT
– Armor Plating (Demolition suit): N8JZEK
– Bats (Sonic suit): XFP4E2
– Beep Beep: RAFTU8
– Character Studs: DY13BD
– Decoy (Technology suit): TQ09K3
– Disguise: GEC3MD
– Extra Toggle (extra Free mode characters): EWAW7W
– Extra Hearts: ML3KHP
– Fast Batarangs (all suits): JRBDCB

Any codes for the Wii version?

Games Guru: Go to the computer in the Batcave and enter these codes for vehicles:

– Bat-Tank: KNTT4B
– Bruce Wayne’s private jet: LEA664
– Catwoman’s motorcycle: HPL826
– Garbage truck: DUS483
– Goon helicopter: GCH328
– Harbor helicopter: CHP735
– Harley Quinn’s Hammer Truck: RDT637
– The Joker’s van: JUK657
– Mad Hatter’s Glider: HS000W
– Mad Hatter’s Steamboat: M4DM4N

Any codes for the Xbox 360 version?

Games Guru: There are tons. Here are some codes for you to unlock characters. Enter them in the computer in the Batcave.

– Alfred Pennyworth: ZAQ637
– Batgirl: JKR331
– Bruce Wayne: BDJ327
– Catwoman (classic): M1AAWW
– Clown Goon: HJK327
– Commissioner Gordon: DDP967
– Fishmonger: HGY748
– Freeze Girl: XVK541
– Freeze Henchman: NJL412
– The Joker (tropical): CCB199
– Joker Goon: UTF782
– Joker Henchman: YUN924
– Nightwing: MVY759
– Mad Hatter: JCA283
– Man-Bat: NYU942

Do you have any codes for the DS version?

Games Guru: Here are some codes.

Unlock all extras:
Go to the main menu. Hit Up, Down, L, R, L, R, L, Left, Right, X(2), Y(2), B(2), L, Up, Down, L, R, L, R, Up(2), Down, Start, Select to unlock all extras. The way you know you’ve done it right is this: At the end of the entering of codes, you’ll hear a sound.

Unlock all episodes and Free Play mode:
Go to the main menu. Press Right, Up, R, L, X, Y, Right, Left, B, L, R, L, Down(2), Up, Y(2), X(2), B(2), Up(2), L, R, Start, Select to unlock all episodes and Free Play mode. Again, you’ll hear a sound if you’ve done it right.

Unlock all characters:
Go to the main menu. Press X, Up, B, Down, Y, Left, Start, Right, R(2), L, R(2), Down(2), Up, Y(3), Start, Select to unlock all characters. You’ll hear that sound again if you have entered the code correctly.

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  1. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. legendary freak // May 26, 2009 at 11:17 am // Reply

    hay guys it means in the batcave go to the computer and select cheats enter the cheat and your good to go!

  3. Sithmaster // May 25, 2009 at 12:19 pm // Reply

    I have exactly NO idea by what you mean by going to the main menu. Is it where
    Bman stands on that building?? Or when you are in the BATCAVE??

  4. I know you yo22! // May 23, 2009 at 3:41 pm // Reply

    I know you! And I’ve heard about the toxic waste thinge.+HOW DO YOU GET THRU
    LEVEL 9 ?!?!?!?

  5. villian hunt // May 13, 2009 at 6:00 pm // Reply

    i cant get past villian hunt no.1 i need HELP!!!!

  6. what do you mean rescue?

  7. needhelp22 // May 10, 2009 at 12:03 am // Reply

    can someone tell me where the main menu is on the lego b-man game on ds? i don’t know how to enter any of these cheat codes

  8. as in,yo22,the part with electric lines.

  9. Dear scout,
    Glad I helped. What do you mean you need the thing withe toxic waste?

  10. Peace out90 // April 29, 2009 at 9:24 pm // Reply

    I dont know how to beat chapter 3 level 3 flight of the bat can someone help me

  11. With all the cheats I have 12.3% (I’ve only completed 2 levels!)

  12. YO! ZYGLOT! You know that orange truck? There are handles on it so clayface can pull the truck.

  13. HEY!!!!!!! Can someone help me on the part of chapter 3 level 3(flight of the bat) with electric lines?!?

  14. Nightwing is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. INS4N3 KiiL3R x // April 15, 2009 at 11:34 am // Reply

    On batman ds, how do you get to the cheat menu thingy oh and by the main menu do you mean the bat cave?

  17. u can use the codes on any system i tried it

  18. batman and robin , you can useCCB199 to get the tropical joker .i hope i helped

  19. Can some1 plz tell me where to go for the first lvl in villain mode in the first chapter? wat do u hit when ur in the room after u use mind control on the police guy to lift the wall that is blocking ur way with the riddler? all i see is a police van, an orange truck with two arrows on the wall next to it, and a ledge where only clayface can jump on that doesn’t lead to anywhere, just some closed doors! this is 4 the ps2 version. Im so close to the end of the hero story for the third chapter and have already done chapters 1 and 2, so i want to be able to play on the villain side after im done with it, so plz help!

  20. have the codes, we are unable to get the vehicles out to drive

  21. Can you get this for the pc?

  22. Wii Master // March 29, 2009 at 4:50 am // Reply

    I am with you, larryboy, about green fingers.

  23. Thanks. I need the Wii and the DS codes.

  24. dear 8yearold ;one of the charaters is hush PS you need to rescku all 25 people

  25. thank u yo22 now i need the thing with toxic waste

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