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Lost in Blue 2

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  1. Xplant says:

    I’ve actually never heard of this game before. What do you do?

    Xplant Out.

  2. rainy267 says:

    is Lost in blue 2 the same as lost in blue shipwrecked???????

  3. Titanic! says:

    Why is the girl always dieing of hunger every time after she eats? Iget annoyed at that.

  4. This is my nickname! says:

    Balancing all of your stats is easy. It’s all about when you sleep. Before you go to sleep make a big filling meal. None of that boring seaweed and coconut with occasional fish. Gather as much food as you can. Then after you eat go to sleep. Because you ate a lot your hunger and energy stats will be very high. When you wake up get your partner and drink from a river or pond. Then you can go exploring. Be sure to take your partner and get food along the way. Try and get back home once your energy gets close to 50%. Wow my comment is long! :)

  5. LostinBlueLovahboy says:

    lost in blue 1 is better and dont run it depletes nrg fastah!

  6. chopper97 says:

    Is 3 better than 2?

  7. LostInBluePlayingPerson says:

    Im sorry its a different game,but how do you wake kumiko in LB3

  8. Matt says:

    What is the game about?

  9. Fang777 says:

    I like playing LIB 2, but I can’t really get to the jungle without depleting my NRG[energy] stat.What do I do?

  10. MaHa says:

    I’m having difficulty with my stats. I always end up depleting the yellow stat. How can I easily balence out all the stats?

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