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Jak 3

I’m stuck on the desert race after you get your dark powers and go back to the desert city. I can’t get all the artifacts; what do I do?

Games Guru: You really have to get all the artifacts before time runs out. You can do it! Watch the pattern of the cars that shoot so you don’t slow down. Get to the orbs to accrue more time. Like this person did:

At the stage where you have to defend the civilians and fight off the metal-heads and the robots, how do you destroy the huge spider robot in the third stage?

Games Guru: I’m not exactly where you are, but I think you’re in the Port. Run around and kill the smaller spider bots. Keep running, avoid hits and keep gunning so the Guard can take down the last bot.

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12 Comments on Jak 3

  1. Best game ever !, but how do you beat the dark satellite

  2. Buy unlimted light and dark. it really helps because you can heal yourself when your light by holding down R2 and pressing triangle

  3. I can’t get past the level when you are driving the hover-car through the tunnel. I can get through the tunnel but not the next level. Can anyone help me out? Can’t find cheats for it either.

    • master driver // June 12, 2013 at 3:44 pm // Reply

      this is one of my favorite levels. what i do is i usually pay attention to details and traps and eventually memorize it, mission takes time

  4. jak is the man // February 19, 2009 at 5:59 pm // Reply

    i love driving the cars!
    i really like the big car that you unlock last!

  5. at the third boss u have to shoot the glowing dark eco nodes that are on the feet or just above them, if you do that, you mov on to the next stae

  6. it is awesome!!!!

  7. Jak 3 is a really fun game.

  8. The last boss would be a lot eaiser with the (Jumping Grenade shooting car) but the sandshark is fine with me I rate the game four and a half

  9. how do u diliver the present pass the gards without geting blasted in to aroespace

  10. This is cool

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