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Transformers: Autobots

How do you defeat Brawl in tank form?

Games Guru: Use the two tanks that emerge from Brawl. Pick them up and ‘A’ to hit him with them.

I can’t get Skydive (the jet) form for my character without an action replay although I have to use it every time I play my game for all characters. Worse, my DS broke and now I use a DSi but the DSi won’t accept an action replay. Furthermore I can’t buy one for the DSi. How do you get the jet form? Please help!

Games Guru: You supposedly can get SkyDive at Target stores. But that was when the game first came out. If you’re outside the U.S., you can buy Skydive at the Nintendo store for 2500 points. Then again, maybe you have the code wrong. Here it is:

Unlock Skydive
620ADC2C 00000000
B20ADC2C 00000000
00000004 00000001
D2000000 00000000

How do you get by the mission Happy Landings?

Games Guru: The main thing to do in this mission is to destroy turrets. At the end of the mission, you have to get rid of three of the four turrets at the court house in the city.

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10 Comments on Transformers: Autobots

  1. I am the one who said I beat the whole game for me and my friends.I am changing my name to Optimus Prime.

  2. I have completed the story mode.Oh, all mighty Guru, how do you find and scan the jet? I already tried Starscream already.

  3. where is the 2nd and 3rd yellow marker in the level driven to distraction

  4. Ok, the trick for Happy Landings is to Strafe(move right to left and left to right to avoid getting hit) this is a VERY important thing to know how to do. Plus distroy things to find health(aka glowing red blobs). Lastly stay cool keep a level head and never give up!

  5. How you bring vehicle back to Optimus Prime? plz help

  6. help me on transformers autobots ds i cant pass sector 7 using bumblebee he cant fly

  7. I dont understan why it dosent work i cant find cheats for it anywere else

  8. Dear G3 Star-sceam,

    You have to BEAT Megatron.First you use your lazers.Then you use your missiles!Until he is dead!

  9. to cheat teller how do you get past know the enemy

  10. G3 Star-scream // February 3, 2009 at 7:10 am // Reply

    Dear jaispeed,
    you need to be a helicopter then transform and fly out when you are under attack.

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