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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

On the village mission on veteran difficulty, I can get all the way up to the barn with the mortar, but then I just can’t seem to aim it to hit the enemy, so I end up getting killed! Any tips on using the mortar or passing this mission?

Games Guru: It’s a tough mission. But here’s a pretty simple way to get the enemy: There’s a house on the left. Set the distance of the mortar to hit the balcony. Leave the distance set right there on the balcony. When a new bunch of enemies runs over, shoot in their direction. But don’t adjust the distance. That should get them. Now walk down the stairs, leave the barn and make a left. Be ready. There are more Germans to take care of.

Do you have to beat the game to put codes in? If not, where do I put the codes in?

Games Guru: I don’t think so. Just head to the Passwords section in the Options Menu. You’ll find a typewriter to enter the codes.

Do you have any hints????

Games Guru: The first thing to know is that you can play this game with a Wii Zapper gun. It just makes it more fun. Here is some help with your unlockables:

– Marksmanship Award – Finish a mission by getting 75 percent or more hits.
– Endurance Award – Finish a mission without getting critically injured.
– Combat Senior Award – Kill 250 enemies on the battlefield.
– Beach Attack Map Award – Land on the beach with the 5th Rangers and then move through the German defenses.
– Through the Sewers Award – The Germans are in the sewers. Take them out while staying safe from attack.

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  1. This game has a boring campaign but if you play online mode it is really fun and there can be 16 vs 16 people. This is also my name in the game. This is the BEST game ever. So I reccomend it to anyone with WIFI. And I know over 20 glitches so it helps to know glitches and cheats ONLINE.


    you can learn glitches from watching other people in matches or you can find them in the

  2. in medal oh honor 2 for psp do u have to beat the game to put in codes? if not weres the password sectioun

  3. I only really needed to beat the last level, but I had to take it back to my friend before I could beat it.

  4. Luis weebloscout // October 29, 2009 at 2:48 pm // Reply

    If you put in butterfly in the passwords section, you get all the levels(Whel at least in rising sun.I will check with the ea game cheats to see if they are the same in both games.) By the way, game is like call of duty

  5. all ways go on the wall to hide or get closer when there no lookin or get a fast gun shoot evry thing.

  6. needle ov onor 2 // September 17, 2009 at 8:36 pm // Reply

    it is a cool game

  7. it is the best game ever.

  8. graphics are decent in this game. i like using a shotgun most of the time. oh and this is my actual name in the game so say something if you see me

  9. can i win it

  10. shotgun is best

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