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World of Warcraft

I can’t find any hints, and I’m not very good, so please help me.

Games Guru: WOW — this can seem really hard, especially when you first start out. Probably the main thing to do is to read the help tutorial guides that are right in the game.

Even more important is being social. Make new friends in the game, but only ones who are helpful. You can learn about all the different commands by typing them into the chat function in the game. You don’t want to be friends with someone who trash talks, especially when you’re a beginner. The right friends will help you along when quests become difficult.

If you see a gang of players going by, collect everything they drop, even if you think it’s worthless. You can sell these items to a vendor. But you can’t sell things that other groups have marked as Soul Bound.

Eventually, you’ll join a party. Make sure it’s a group that has made some rule before you go into battle or before you start looting. Otherwise, it will be too chaotic.

Comments about “World of Warcraft”

  1. game ninja says:

    this is a great game the graphics are great and you can send items to your main player for money i just love it 1000

  2. Reviewer of games says:

    Part 2:

    GamePlay: the game has a great start lvl (1-10) and great end lvl(60-80), but the parts in between that have almost no cool content, and the quests, well, they get repetitive and boring, with them falling into 1 of 3 parts:Killing an amount of a certain enemy, collecting an item or items, and delivering an item. ill give it an 8.

    Lasting Appeal: What keeps you playing is the games addictivity. it seems like you just have to defeat that boss, or get that item.You just cant stop it.certainly a 10.
    Replay value: high Final score: 8

  3. Reviewer of Games says:

    I have to say that WOW is a pretty good game, combining the millions of people playing it to my own experience. But i also have to say the game does fall flat in certain areas of the game. ill review it in stages.

    Introduction: It has a great way of pulling you into the game, and most of the starting areas(minus the draenei starter area; that place had me killing moths and worms)are pretty fun. ill give this part a 9.

    Graphics: the graphics in this game is oneof the low points in this game. i was literally able to count how many pixels were there! ill give a 6.

  4. Flameshatter ftw says:

    oh yea my name is homer the dark if anyone wantz ta knows but im playing kingdom hearts so i wont be on for a while

  5. Flameshatter ftw says:

    guys WoW is very boring all you do is be mean and and get to lvl 80 then it just goes on and on forever with a boooming $180 a year and thats why i play Guild Wars its sooo fun and easy too the lvl cap is 20 but they are gonna raise it ^_^ try it guys its AWESOME

  6. Tigre12 says:

    My parents didn’t like this game, but I really enjoyed it. Any games that are like it, that you guys reccomend? Thanks!

  7. Bane says:

    Xterminator, it takes 20$ to switch one character from one server to another, so it can get expensive and most people just stick with the server they started on.

  8. Xterminator says:

    WoW is better than runescape, without a doubt. that’s why it costs so much.

    I have a question, DemonicGirl. You said to ask for help on any server, but how could you possibly help people on any server? You can have 10 characters per account, and it would be extremely difficult to keep changing servers all the time. Maybe you could clarify for me? Thanks.

    • Megacorptrooper says:

      comparing the two is not really fair as they were designed to be different. WOW has much more of a general storyline, while Runescape you play to earn stuff. Also the one thing I’ll miss in WOW is random events

  9. Demonicgirl says:

    WoW is cool I’m a 80 warrior if anyone needs any help on any sever just ask id be glad to help you out.

  10. 126bill says:

    the game is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dumbldore says:

    wow is the best game ever!!!! i got up to level 80. :)

  12. bane says:

    Gamer1101, with the 10 day trial you can do everything but receive and send mail and trade with other players (there maybe more that’s all i know of though). And why would they make it for anything other than the computer? it is perfect and having it on the DS or Xbox would totally ruin the experience and complicate things.

  13. mercenio says:

    it was fun for the first 7 months it was out i got to 80 and quit

  14. ????? says:

    i heard its good but i play another rpg. its called runescape. does anyone know which is better?????

  15. Gamer1101 says:

    It’d be cool if they had a World of Warcraft for DS or Xbox or something like that.

  16. Gamer1101 says:

    Can you play the game for free with some content unavailable or is it you have to pay to play at all?

  17. dwadeformvp says:

    gamer1101 it is rated T for teen and yes it is pretty expensive it is $15 a month also everyone who is asking they changed death knights i believe you do not need a level 55 to make a death knight

  18. gamer1101 says:

    Isn’t this game rated M? And is it expensive?

  19. Nijlock says:

    I am too obsessed with this game! I have an 80 warrior, a 70 Deathknight, a 70 hunter, a 70 priest, a 70 mage, a 70 rogue, a 29 rogue a level 65 warlock. I don’t have much of a life….

  20. Xterminator says:

    yeah, the newer players have it easy. with the leveling even faster and lowered mount levels it’s way easier than it used to be. I had to level up to 40 to get my felsteed.

  21. WoW person says:

    you can become a deahknight by reaching lvl 55 then you can make a deathknight on the server you got to lvl 55. ONLY ONE

  22. Brandegore says:

    my brother actually played for a long time and still is his hunter is lvl 73 and we have a 50 member clan my character is just going on thirty. they lowered the lvl where you get the mount to thirty. I just have 1 question how do you become a death knight

  23. EMan says:

    this game rocks i play on it all the time. it is woth buying

  24. enyaw says:

    world of warcraft:wrath of the lich king just came out. it rules! definitely worth buying

  25. knightsfable says:

    hi guys, i was just wondering what you could change in warcraft to make it better or just how youd like it… im thinkin about making my own game and want to know what peoples want… lol thx

  26. sdgsgggh says:

    best pc game made…all pc gamers should play it…awok-arthas is my guy :)

  27. delnacem says:

    wow is the best game ever

  28. Callka says:

    I thought the game was too expensive, that’s why I don’t play it :-)

  29. Taurus says:

    Best online game i’ve ever played.

  30. rcgffp says:

    Yeah wow rocks i have an 80 paladin who owns

  31. FRED says:

    WOW is an awesome game!

  32. Lygrok says:

    This game gets boring, all you do is do quests and fight monsters to level up so can can do more quests and kill higher level monsters and the story isn’t very good, guild wars is much better and you don’t have to pay an outrageous 15$ a month, but thats just my opinion.

  33. midd west says:

    my cosin has it and im going to his house to play it

  34. jj says:

    WOW is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. bitterbilly says:

    its really cool and i have 2 80 deathknights

  36. dua says:

    oh my god you will die when you play wow it is so fun COOL COOL COOL COOL

  37. fire says:

    IT IS AUSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$

  38. barl says:

    Jojodamonkey is incorrect or has the wrong game there are no codes for wow

  39. DKftw!! says:

    if you want WoW, then get all the expansions and go into the outland with a Dethnite. It’s really cool!!

  40. jojodamonkey says:

    type in”greed is good 10000000″ as a comment when your’e not playing online, and it will give you that much gold

  41. the dude says:

    It is awsome essally with a lvl. 80

  42. mystry dude 42709 says:

    i think it’s pritty good but i never really got to play it that much

  43. jhonathon says:

    warcraft is fun

  44. Paintball It says:

    Yeah I hear you Jlee this game is fantastic! Me and my friends play it together

  45. 32turbo says:

    you can download a free trial at the website it is very good .

  46. hedima says:

    is this game worth buying? If it is, i’m gonna buy it :)

  47. froggy15 says:

    its the bestest game around

  48. turtwig36 says:

    i also like it to

  49. Jlee says:

    coolest game ever made

  50. Super Sonic says:

    This Game is really good :)

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