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Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

How do you get to the secret levels? I put the diamond in, and got the key, I turned the key, and I went in each of the holes, but nothing new happened. How do you do it?

Games Guru: There are three secret levels. You need 6 artifacts from the Raiders section to get the Young Indiana level, 12 artifacts from the Temple of Doom section to unlock Ancient Story, and 18 artifacts from The Last Crusade to get to the Warehouse portion.

How do you beat level 4 in the Raiders of the Lost Ark chapter?

Games Guru: That’s almost like writing a chapter in a book! If you go here, it’ll take you through, step by step.

On Motorcycle Escape, how do you get the Artifact by the bridge? My Artifact Detector says it is under the pillar on the left side. Please help!!!

Games Guru: You have to get various flowers to bloom in order to get it. Here’s some help:

I’m stuck in the Hunt for Sir Richard when you need to get the parts for the X. I’ve got 3/4 pieces of the X. Where is the 4th X piece?

Games Guru:It’s pretty hard to find. The final box is to be discovered within a safe on the balcony to the left. Your Academic Access character will help you get inside the safe. Take the box down the stair and into the ‘X’ and you’re ready to go!

Any codes?

Games Guru: Go to blackboard in the Math classroom at Barrett College. Enter any of these codes:

Artifact Detector: VIKED7

Beep Beep: VNF59Q

Character Treasure: VIES2R

Disarm Enemies: VKRNS9

Disguises: 4ID1N6

Fast Build: V83SLO

Fast Dig: 378RS6

Fast Fix: FJ59WS

Fertilizer: B1GW1F

Ice Rink: 33GM7J

Invincibility: B83EA1

Parcel Detector: VUT673

Poo Treasure: WWQ1SA

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  1. You pull the box not push!! (Indiana jones DS train part 1)

  2. To legomaster:

    in the last area, go to the area with the hieroglyphics. Translate them to open the cage and get the parcel. On the other end, still on the edge of the floor, destroy a lego object and build the mailbox. Good luck

  3. Where is tha red block in the first level of Raiders of the Lost Ark

  4. I`m with dirty dog 24

  5. Clone commander Cody // February 15, 2009 at 3:23 pm // Reply

    I can`t git past th Trouble in the sky.

  6. How do you finish Rescue Professer Jones, Creasent canyon moon,and the tomb of Sir Richard

  7. Its easy to get past the train

  8. How do you enter codes?

  9. The way you can finisf the well of souls is wander around

  10. How do you get the third hole open on the right in the room by the right stairway?

  11. How do you get the third hole open on the right in the top room by the stairs?

  12. i really need help for level 1 of the last crusade for the wii

  13. To mar:

    I can help you, just tell me what part is holding you up

  14. Cool!

  15. I have three of this game 1 for the Wii 1 for the DS and one for the computer.

  16. I can’t get the super screem!!! Help!! (P.S. it’s in the level where you resque Willie.)

  17. how do you beat the well of souls

  18. My friend has this game and I think it’s cool.

  19. wheres the math room?

  20. I don’t have this game:( 😥

  21. how do you get past the train on episode3(ds)

  22. lego indiana jones is easy.

  23. sweet codes

  24. i Love to play Lego indiana jones i got the game for my wii

  25. lego indiana jones is cool

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