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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

How do you get Darkria?

Games Guru: It’s easy. Liberate the tower in Mission 3.

How and where do you get Manaphy?

Games Guru: OK. First, you need to beat the game. Now, make sure the DS is on and that you have a WiFi connection going. Find RangerNet. Pick the Choose New Missions option. Now, choose Search. You will be able to download three missions. The first has you recovering the Manaphy Egg. Once you complete the mission, you get the Manaphy!

How do you capture and release the hypnotized Rampardos in Peril Cliffs?

Games Guru: As you know, it’s really hard to capture the Rampardos. I believe it’s the only 5 Tackle Pokemon in Shadows of Almia. The best way is to beat the game first and then go back to the Peril Cliffs. At that point, you can capture the Rampardos. Also, one person in the forums I looked at suggested that when you see one rock fall, you have one second before the other falls. Quickly draw a one circle on it. You can try to use PokeAssist to slow the rock down.


Comments about “Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia”

  1. popcorn says:

    aerodactyl is a 5 tackle

  2. 100% says:


  3. d says:

    i need a pokemon that has soak2

  4. poke man says:

    i whant to trade my darkri to soul silver but i cant. do u know how to.

  5. firestar25013 says:

    how do you get to regigigas in this game?

  6. samurottfantic says:

    my hand was sore from the game but it is still fun also i lost the game and i basically stop playing the Pokemon rangers games since not a single one came out for like 5 months

  7. Meta Knight says:

    I can’t even beat Drapion! I use Pikachu’s reacharge, then I fail!
    I also use Electric and fire poke assists, but I just keep losing! I think I should just reset…

  8. sonic says:


    • Capt.REX says:

      I have and its one of 4 pokemon games I have and there all awesome and my favorite pokemon is Samurott!

      • massive trader says:

        i have 7 differant games even blue and yellow version! i wonder how much i can get for em now adays

      • blue is awsome says:

        I have red, blue, yellow, gold ,silver, leafgreen, saphire, ruby, emerald, dimond, perl, platnum, heartgold, soulsilver, white, pokemon ranger, pokemon ranger shadows of almia, pokemon ranger guadian signes, pokemon trosie, and pokepark.I have 20 games.

  9. gamerdude1479 says:

    i can only hold 3 pichus at the games begining how do i get the 4th to progress? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!

  10. peanuy says:

    how do you get past the bubbles to catch sharpedo

  11. samzee says:

    i got regigigas

    • massive trader says:

      i flipped out when he did so much damage with a footstep so i got the 4 golems in the enterance of the temple and totally bomboarded him with gravel. 6 hits per second.

  12. game freak says:

    how do you get across the gigantic bouldeR in peril cliffs?

  13. alexcs90 says:

    ihave beaten it

  14. Travo100 says:

    This game is so easy!!!!!!

  15. ilikemario says:

    AWESOMEST PKMN GAME EVER!!!!I beat the game but I still cant get wifi for other missions… :(

  16. BuddyEB says:

    how do you beat heatran to get the red crystl?

  17. pokemongirl says:

    I love this game! and i’m a girl!

  18. yanman says:

    You have to get picachoe out.

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