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Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

How do you get Darkria?

Games Guru: It’s easy. Liberate the tower in Mission 3.

How and where do you get Manaphy?

Games Guru: OK. First, you need to beat the game. Now, make sure the DS is on and that you have a WiFi connection going. Find RangerNet. Pick the Choose New Missions option. Now, choose Search. You will be able to download three missions. The first has you recovering the Manaphy Egg. Once you complete the mission, you get the Manaphy!

How do you capture and release the hypnotized Rampardos in Peril Cliffs?

Games Guru: As you know, it’s really hard to capture the Rampardos. I believe it’s the only 5 Tackle Pokemon in Shadows of Almia. The best way is to beat the game first and then go back to the Peril Cliffs. At that point, you can capture the Rampardos. Also, one person in the forums I looked at suggested that when you see one rock fall, you have one second before the other falls. Quickly draw a one circle on it. You can try to use PokeAssist to slow the rock down.


Comments about “Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia”

  1. pokemaster says:

    where the heck is yamega

  2. Kingbowser99 says:

    Hey there, who can locate celebi for me AFTER the Celebi Quest? I’ve been all over the Forest, but i cannot locate him, even though his entry says he is in the forest.

  3. Pokemon Hacker says:

    To Shayminia: I have an action replay too. I will find you a code by tomorrow

  4. Shayminia says:

    I think glaceon is at the outside of almia castle

  5. Shayminia says:

    I have action replay, can somone a code to complete the browser?

  6. Pokemon Hacker says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how to catch arceus.

  7. Pokemon Hacker says:

    To the person who needs help with drapion. First I’d like to say that this pokemon is tough. It took me three tries to finaly catch it. I’ve found that this stratigy works: This pokemon’s hardest move is when it gas comes out of it.(not the purple gooo the purple gas) So what you have to do is just when the gas comes out make a quick circle around it untill its impossible to keep the line going. once the gas leaves you have to circle like crazy. This may take awhile to catch, but it really does work.

  8. Pokemon Hacker says:

    To the guy who needs shuppet: Shuppet is in the volcanoe cave in Boyeland. Go as far left as you can go. there should be a cave inside the cave. There will be 4 shuppet there.

  9. Pokemon Hacker says:

    To the people having troble with Rampardos: First this is how you catch it. The move that’s giving you trouble is when the rocks fall. What you have to do is circle it one time as each rock falls so its HP doesn’t go down to much. You can catch this pokemon once you’ve beaten the game(you’ll find it in perril cliffs.)

  10. Pokemon Hacker says:

    I’m sooooooooo sorry!!!!!!!!! I got dragonite mixed up with dragonair. As of this time I don’t know if you can get one or not.

  11. Pokemon Hacker says:

    Listen up! I’m going to help most of you.First dragon girl, you are right! There is a dragonite in the Almia castle after you beat the game. It is where dratini is. Check there slamisclice 101!!!

  12. ranger213 says:

    hey im stuck how do you catch mr.kincaid’s drapion i tried every thing. and it is stronger than rampardousand and theres only one. please HELP ME!

  13. Bowser 3000 says:

    Hi, I’m stuck at the peril cliffs and there’s this team Dim Sun guy and he’s doing something with a Rampardos.I’m near the part where you have to climb a lot of vines and there are gligars. Rangers, help me!

  14. mr. man says:

    to super mario: you said you need just a couple more pokemon to fill the browser. then could you pleez tell me what pokemon 175 is?

  15. mr. man says:

    i really need to find pokemon 175! i just need it to get regigigas!!!!!!!!!

  16. super mario says:

    pokemon dude: are you sure about arceus??? I almost filled my browser( I need glaceon, regirock, regice, celebi, and regigigas) and I’m pretty sure there is no spot for arceus or a little girl that goes around snatching people’s stylers

  17. rangerbeast says:

    infernape was so easy

  18. rangerbeast says:

    im stuck on shiftry in the capture arena

  19. mr. man says:

    to anyone: where are shuppet and pokemon#175!
    i really need them!

  20. pokemon FrEaK! says:

    ok. u need all 3 REGIE’s to get the main 1 in shadows of Almia. THEN you get manaphy & celebi.

  21. pokemon dude says:

    you can get arceus in the game i know how First u go to almia castle and find the ultra styler .Second u walk around and find a little girl she steals the ultra styler.Third chase her around and arceus appears and he is really mad then u battle him.if u beat him he disappears and the little girl gives the ultra styler. need to get regigigas then go to almia castle also this might work i got that from a cheat website

  22. payhcghnfdg746785667 says:

    do you want to catch a wild froslass? once you beat the game, go to almia castle. then, on the way to catch a mismagius, on the connection there is a froslass. and to ineverquit drapion is kinda easy (just try)

  23. Anonymous says:

    ive got two lucarios in my game how can i release one

  24. mr. man says:

    to pokemon: dragonite is not in the game because there is not a browser space for him. What did the pokemon you saw look like?

  25. super_infernape says:

    and to maddie… u will figure it out… just about every ranger knows that… pretty easy

  26. super_infernape says:

    to pokemon
    really? on other websites there were cheats that said how to unlock arceus… i guess they were wrong… STUPID SITES!!! in that case… i have officially beaten the game… for i have captured regigigas… THANKS POKEMON!!! but now i have nothin to do in my game except beat the capture arena

    to mr. man
    90: mantyke
    116: vileplume
    147: shuppet
    218: dratini
    262: porygon-z
    sorry tho… dont know where to find them man… the internet should help with that tho… good luck!!!

  27. Pokemon Ranger Rank 10 says:

    Can you catch venasuar

  28. pokemon says:

    to super_infernape
    Arceus isn’t in the game dude!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. pokemon says:

    to Salamence101 u r WRONG Dragonite is on the game and i no cuz i saw it with mi own eys!!!!!!!!!

  30. super awesome top ranger gurl says:

    to Silver Spiker and astromon and anyone else who has trouble with REGIGIGAS:
    hes not, u have 2 catch all 266 pokemon in the browser, then get the 3 Regis, and go to the arrow room in Hippowdown Temple. there is a swirly thing in the middle where a heap of sand used 2 be. go down, put the Regis on their corresponding plates, and VOILA! REGIGIGAS!

  31. mr. man says:

    to anyone does anyone know wher these pokemon are(these are their browser numbers): 90, 116, 147, 218, 262. please answer this someone!

  32. mr. man says:

    i really home there is a 3rd game that would be awesome! does anyone know if there is or not?!

  33. Worms says:

    You can catch REGIGIGAS after you have caught all the pokemon in the game (not counting pokemon in extra missions or regigigas) There 267 pokemon in all counting regigigas but not extra mission pokemon. You have to catch 266 pokemon not counting extra mission pokemon. Once you have done this go to the Ranger Union and talk to murph.

  34. maddy says:

    how do i bust the crates

  35. super_infernape says:

    by the way, i have completed the game

  36. super_infernape says:

    sooo… i have the browser, (still need 2 complete it) and after u catch regigigas, HOW DO YOU CATCH ARCEUS MAN?!?!?!?!?

  37. I ROCK says:

    how do u beat all 5 boss` at the last room on floor 2 in the capture arena

  38. arceus DE says:

    I beat the game and all missions and after that there’s one more to catch CELEBI

  39. ineverquit says:

    I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED help on giving Drapion the wuppin’ of his life!!!
    (I need help on beating Drapion!!!)

  40. mr. man says:

    i think that beating the game was easy but can someone plese help me with finding all the pokemon to REALLY beat it?!

  41. Dark Flygon says:

    To Regigigas and Shaymin: Arceus and Lugia aren’t available in Shadows of Almia at the time, but an Arceus event may come out.

    Also, toget all of the pokemon, check every single place possible in Almia. be ready to find pokemon in unexpected pokemon. When only one slot is left in the browser, got to the ranger base to recieve a mission where you battle Regigigas in the Hippowdon Temple.

  42. shyamin and regigigigas says:

    can I get arceus and lugia

  43. shaymin and regigigigas says:

    how do you get all pokemon?

  44. Salamence101 says:

    Regigigas is in hippowdon temple. You will have to have captured all other pokemon in your ranger browser. Secondly, you must bring Regirock, Regice, And registeel. Go into the temple, near the end, you will see some quicksand moving in a tornado like fashion. Go into it, place the regi pokemon on their respective pads, the door will open and you can then catch regigigas. Note: He is one of the hardest pokemon to catch in the game.

  45. Salamence101 says:

    To Dragon Girl,
    Dragonite isn’t on this game, however, it is on the original pokemon ranger. Salamence is on this game.

  46. Pokemon409 says:

    Hey coolnes,i think what is next (at least soon.) is where you hav to step on blocks quickly. Way later, you beat Ice and capture the RILOU. After, u hav to beat LUCARIO!!! Its easy, dont worry.

  47. astromon says:

    i went to chair person erma but she didnt say anything.please tell me how to get regigigas

  48. dragon girl says:

    can you get dragonite in this gamE ????????? i NEED TO KNOW! :)(:

  49. rampardos was easy says:

    where can i find dragonite in pokemon ranger shadows of almia??? is it in almia castle??? do i have to capture 2 lucarios or riolu how do i do that???

  50. Silver Spiker says:

    I thought he was the last guy in the Capture Arena!

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